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PAP MP on why she wore mask during visit to block with coronavirus patient

She helped town council with its cleaning operations there and "stopped by the quarantined home briefly"




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Singapore — A ruling party MP has responded to a Facebook post by an opposition politician that criticised her for wearing a mask during a visit to a block with one of Singapore’s coronavirus patients.

People’s Power Party politician Goh Meng Seng had criticised Ms Cheng Li Hui of the People’s Action Party in a post on Saturday (Feb 8).

Mr Goh said it seemed that People’s Action Party politicians were not convinced themselves  of their stand that face masks were not necessary.

In her response on Facebook the same day, Ms Cheng said: “One of our residents here at Tampines East is a confirmed patient of the nCoV.” She explained that she had gone to the patient’s block to help the Tampines Town Council with its cleaning operations there.

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She added: “I also stopped by the quarantined home briefly, and dropped the family a card with the CC’s contact details should they need help. I left them some freshly baked bread and groceries at their door for them to bring in after we left.”

Mr Goh had said that “PAP leaders and Ministers keep saying you don’t need to wear a mask if you are not unwell…” and that they used “propaganda … to brainwash Singaporeans that mask(s) are ineffective in prevention of infection…” He then asked if they believed “their own propaganda”. Attached to the post was a picture of Ms Cheng wearing a face mask outside the home of the quarantined person. There was mixed reaction online to his post.

In response, Ms Cheng said: “To protect other residents and volunteers, I wore a mask and gloves on the advice of NEA officers.” She gave the assurance that the protective gear had been disposed off properly. She added: “My fellow Tampines Grassroots Advisers and I have been working on the ground and helping the affected residents.”

Many people backed Ms Cheng on her Facebook page.

Photo: From Facebook / Cheng Li Hui

Photo: From Facebook / Cheng Li Hui

Photo: From Facebook / Cheng Li Hui

Photo: From Facebook / Cheng Li Hui

Photo: From Facebook / Cheng Li Hui

Ms Cheng went on to remind people that now, more than ever, it is paramount that Singaporeans be responsible and do their part. “Now is definitely not the time for destructive politics and fear-mongering,” she said. “Each of us have to take personal responsibility for our own actions and hygiene habits, and look out for one another in the community.”

She added that much can be done if Singaporeans maintain a united front. “Together, we can do more for the community.” /TISG

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