PAP MP Janil Puthucheary slammed as Yes Man for parliamentary speech praising PM Lee for setting the bar “very very high”

Janil Puthucheary

Amid concerns by parliamentarians and the general public alike that Parliament may not be the best arena to settle the Oxley Road saga, PAP MP Janil Puthucheary has come under fire for saying that “our ability to talk about this in this House is a marker of our system working.”

Targeting Workers’ Party MP Pritam Singh who said earlier that Parliament is an inappropriate venue because MPs have not been able to bring up evidence for or against the allegations, Janil suggested that that is an indicator of a lack of evidence or lack of a problem as opposed to the House being an unsuitable forum.

7月3日 工人党议员毕丹星 Pritam Singh 说,他不认为国会辩论将能让这起事件有结果,而国会应该成立特别特选委员会来调查这起事件。

Posted by 8频道新闻新加坡 Channel 8 news on Monday, 3 July 2017

He then appeared to cast doubts about MPs from the opposition by emphasising that this reasoning is viable only under the assumption that opposition MPs have done their due diligence in trying to find a problem. By doing so, he failed to consider whether the original claim that the setting itself hampers the investigative process has credence, instead repeating that the allegations have no substance.

Janil then showed zealous support for the Prime Minister saying that he has “held himself up as an example. He’s set the bar very very high. He’s made it absolutely transparent what he expects of all of us.”

He added, “Recusal whenever there is a possibility of conflict of interest, removal of any benefit that you might accrue to yourself, (to) expose yourself to questioning, waiving of the parliamentary privilege – these are steps to deal with conflicts of interest, deal with possible abuses of power, and remove all possibility of conflict of interest, remove the possibility of an abuse of power. And yet all these mechanisms are now being criticised as markers of the exact opposite, it’s ridiculous.”

VIDEO: MP Janil Puthucheary says the ability to discuss 38 Oxley Road issue in Parliament is a “marker of our system working”.UPDATES:

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Monday, 3 July 2017

Netizens have flamed Janil for being a PAP Yes Man for his comments.


  1. He has every right to his own opinion. If he has the balls to say it out loud in Parliament, I respect him for it regardless of his reasons. Only he knows his own heart. The electorate just needs to decide if this is what they want at the next GE. The issue is not closed. If PM does not act, it means the ball is in LHY and LWL’s court. What if they continue on their crusade to free Singapore from the clutches of their “dishonorible” and “Orwellian Big Brother” brother, our Prime Minister?

  2. Set bar very high? Was there a break in parliament session today to see who has the best joke? Set cost of living very high for its citizens more like it. High standard for being a dishonorable son!!

  3. Janil Puthucheary @if you are reading this ; please get your facts right, you said the PM had raised the bar level so high for transapareny than in that case why was the Ministerial Commitee not transparent and being kept from the Public ,even the house kept mum about it for such a long time, should you swallow your words or are you a puppet in sheep’s clothings.

  4. For one who claimed he worked in hospital as a form of national service while drawing a fat paycheck compare to the pittance allowance that all of us received as NS allowance, please understand that he is merely showing gratitude to the one who had paved his path with riches.

  5. we pay him almost a million per year, and this is all he can come up with? there need not be evidence but even there is a doubt of abuse of power, it has to be investigated by an independent committee.

    how could the wp be able to search for evidence? can his subordinates not support the wishes of their boss even if he recuse himself? the laws are there, what and whose laws? is the evidence by lhy n lwl not evidence? how can he apply the law fairly?

  6. The kind of example LHL should set in parliament today is to tell all his MPs to keep all pleasantries at home and ask real questions only. Otherwise they are wasting everybody’s time patting each other’s back.

  7. This fella is one major bootlicking traitor his father was locked up by the ISD but he switched camp to chase money. He is a disgrace to his father.

    Keleng kia sibeh suka por lan pa..

  8. I turn off watch any local news anyway. Why do I really care about their shit. Bunch of whipping boys and girls. Gosh see how money can change you. Don’t you MPs in white have any conviction? What a shame. I take my hats to Inderijit Singh former MP for AMK. He is one MP I take my hats off for having a sense of wisdom and honesty. He is not move by money.

  9. the whole cabinet of dogs are getting more sickening everyday. Are they paid to work for the people or paid to eat your boss’s shit?!!!

  10. He can choose snake charming to be his 2nd career, since he is a snake himself, he became a citizen after the NS eligibility age, his father was locked up by Old Lee yet he choose to serve his son in pursuit of wealth.

  11. This little man is the example of the type of MP’s the PAP has now. A YES MAN TRYING TO SCORE BROWNIE POINTS. At least his father had guts but not much can be said about this boot licking guy. Just a b….

  12. One should question himself even if he is the king. That question should fall upon all to see where it leads. And the question is ” Am I the king who lives in the palace or in the people’s heart” If it’s the latter the people will protect the king through thick and thin. If it’s the former the pillars of wall will support him as long as the money is thrown

  13. This Janil still haven’t do new volunteer corp nonsensical 6 weeks stay out training to cover up his own never serve NS still want to talk about NS and SG national problems. He should go back to India better as very talented snake oil salesman.

  14. Janil Puthucheary looks like you need to have a long drink with me in a bar. I will be more than happy to enlighten you and introduce some nice bar girls to you. Your bar will be raised by the time you leave for home. Good night.

  15. I thought the reasons that he gave are the very reasons why Parliament sitting was inappropriate, i.e. lack of time, evidence , no chance for stakeholders to speak – he successfully pointed out why an inquiry would be better.

    He gave a strange argument

  16. I smell a ! He seems to be tripling his efforts in order get himself into the 4G leedership as well as a minionster post on the quick…..

  17. This PAP MP cannot be serious. Who else in SG can set up a Ministerial Committee n convene a Parliamentary sitting over their father’s house? Why isn’t this matter resolve in court like everyone else? This is just blatant abuse of power.

  18. For someone who has never done national service u don’t have the right to speak to the nation the pap should really feel ashamed to have a member like u at least our pm did do his ns unlike tis cunt

  19. Surprised how PAP was able to divert the attention of the whole nation with this family matters. I do not give a fuck who or what happens to that house. Millions of dollars of salary are not given to this idiots to discuss about a single house. It’s not even about the man. It’s a fucking house non living. Move on.

  20. For someone who still lacks hindsight after Trump elected, still chasing impossible dreams of TPP to not knowing his own fort of offending the regional superpower…. you call that a bar set at very high standard?

  21. Janil Puthuchery is the ultimate PLP. He didnt serve NS at all. During GE 2011 he arrogantly said that just being a doctor “saving lives” = serving NS. He insulted all the Sporean doctors who still have to serve NS

  22. Glad this came to light. Seating there from the public gallery I was incensed to hear such illogical drivel, “our ability to talk about this in this House is a marker of our system working”. A walking echo chamber like this is extremely dangerous for our country’s overcoming of challenges in the years ahead.
    Sir, if the system was working, contestation and assessments of any MP’s point of view, even Lee Hsien Loong’s, would have emerged and been proven right or wrong for a collective decision to materialise with the ayes having it. All that you’ve said was entirely short of the critical, independent, and representational thinking an MP and constituent’s leader should have.

  23. It seems 6 raised Oxley questions all from WP…LHL lifted whip …w/o whip PAP MP oso actually what are these well paid MP doing in Parliament really ?

  24. To restore public faith in Singapore govt, LTK and SL must resign or sue KPMG and AnC for making false allegations against AHPETC top management in their audit report! No one should be allowed to tarnish the image of Singapore Parliament and govt. Singaporeans and especially AHTC residents need to know whether there is any truth behind these allegations of criminal misconduct!

  25. Janil Puthucherry is a blur, blur blacksheep who was promoted to senior Minister of state in April 2017 , therefore he need to speak well in order to be millionaire minister !
    Did he read the Ling Yang honest comments on facebook ???
    Pinky has been so arrogant as to communicate with his siblings only via his personal lawyer, Lucien Wong who was promoted as Attorney General !!!
    It is indeed very merito-crazy !!!
    Singaporeans are not fools but certainly it takes the greater fools to know the common fools !!!
    We had GE2011, then GE2015 !
    The next 11 May GE2019 will be a great one with excitement !
    Please petition to reverse to SMC to qualify the candidates based on one man one vote so as to achieve justice and equality

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