PAP MP draws flak for allegedly posing like a needy person in “insensitive” photoshoot


Ruling party parliamentarian Louis Ng has drawn flak online, after he posted a few images from a recent photoshoot where he appears to be posing like a needy person. In one shot, he stands outside a HDB flat with some cardboard tucked under his arm while another picture shows him resting on a bench in a HDB void deck:

[Speaking up for the disadvantaged]Photoshoot for a campaign to speak up for and help the disadvantaged in Singapore. More details soon…#WeLoveNeeSoonEast #NeeSoonCares #HomeWithAHeart

Posted by Louis Ng Kok Kwang on Friday, 23 February 2018

While Ng shared that the photos are part of a “photoshoot for a campaign to speak up for and help the disadvantaged in Singapore”, some netizens have criticised the photoshoot.

While some netizens expressed their support for Ng, others questioned what the campaign is really about. One netizen, in particular, excoriated Ng for “posing like a hero” instead of helping the needy.

Ng and this netizen, Jimmy Thomas, then engaged in a lengthy back-and-forth in which Ng tries to convince the netizen that he does help people on the ground, to no avail:


  1. By doing this he has confirmed that he and all the other puppets are as fake as the puppet master himslf. Morons n imbeciles are running our country which is going to the dogs. Furthermore he is blind to the reality of poverty and hardship that exist in our midst and he simply refuses to acknowledge it

    • This PAP parliament is getting ridiculous.
      More time is spent on manipulating and fixing the social media than getting the right policies in place.

  2. MP Louis Ng means well and his heart is always with the needy and underprivileged. I know it first hand as I do voluntary work at Nee Soon East. He’s probably one of the few MPs who goes down to the ground to feel the heart-beat of the residents and he’s always thinking of new creative ways of attracting more attention to offer more help for the less fortunate.

    • Who is LN trying to attract attention? The government ministry or the masses?
      We already know that there are many destitute people in need of help, we do not need any more of such wayangs, as an MP he should be spending quality time to question the government instead to turn in effective policies.

      • Helping the disadvantaged requires a multi-pronged approach. Raising issues in parliament is just one of the approaches. However, we should not just rely on top-down policy making and implementation to help the needy. Ground-up efforts are equally important as well. This is what Louis Ng is trying to do in collaboration with NGO. Why wait for the Govt to help in every single thing?

        • The government is voted in to help the citizens not to help their own pockets.
          If they are not doing effective job, implementing sound policies or turning a blind eye to problems or hoping that some comical MP stooge to do piecemeal jobs to pacify the crowd, then we have no need of such government.

    • Suresh.. Since you seem to have inside knowledge. Pray tell..

      1.What was the need of the photos
      2. What NGO IS HE REFERRING to?
      3. How much did the photography n video cost?
      4. How were the costs approved, applied and apportioned.

      Thank you sir

      • Please wait for the formal release of the clip which will be done by an NGO in due course. The full details of this heartlander campaign will be revealed then

  3. He looks way too well-fed lah. Perhaps they have never come face to face with one of the thousands of needy people here. Should ask TCJ to be the casting director. At least he has interviewed cardboard collectors before. Got a better idea.
    Btw, this playacting is an insult and a slap on the face of the needy he is trying to portray.

  4. ⚡Louis NG is sincere but the is controlled by his master, the old white fox, who will reserve the funds for the young babies and for foreign students with free university education plus monthly living allowances of $2000
    No MP fight for universal basic income for our very own country fellowmen
    His master only know how to increase GST but neglecting our senior citizens!!!

  5. You would think that the ultra-rich PAP could afford to hire a PR firm to teach all their MPs on how not to come across in their day to day dealings with their constituents as being callous, arrogant and insensitive jerks.

    • Oh I forgot. They do have a MP who runs a PR firm who once told off Singaporeans to go reflect on ourselves on why a foreigner called us dogs and also bragged on social media that his plate of nasi padang only cost $2,50 (actually because the hawker recognised him and gave him a ‘special price’ he later ‘clarified’ ) to accentuate his view that the cost of living is low in Singapore.

  6. No need to convince Singaporeans that there are poor and homeless people amongst us. PAP MP Ng, however, need to convince his PAP ministerial colleagues, who asserted many times the contrary.

  7. So remind me again what is wrong with Louis taking a few photos? We don’t have the full picture of what campaign or message he’s going for, and we’re judging him left right centre based on what we perceive from a couple of dumb photos about a photoshoot. Geezuschrisst. (And Jimmy Thomas is an idiot)

    • MPs are not there for photoshoots. This itself is already a problem when he is not visible in advancing the needs of citizens in parliament.

      Since he is into such wayangs, when not bring along the ministers to show them the real problems?

  8. This bloody white termite jiao Kia ! Trying to cast aspersions that Good Samaritan socialist and oppo are just wayanging championing the plight of the needy and vulnerable in society ! See through this despicable jiao Kia white termite’s ploy and be not deceived by his wry antic! he is insulting the do gooders in the like of socialists / oppos and the needy /poors/ vulnerable in society! this jiao kia is certainly a let down of his electorate supporters and not worth their votes!!!
    if do not do good , keep the cbm shut and no one will know but now jiao kia white termite did your iwn grave!!! nahneh !!

  9. It seems like the someone else is responding on behalf of the MP and not himself lol … all wayang wayang …
    From the top to the bottom …. not deserving of the 15K payout for MP. Please half the “15K allowance” … NOT MORE

  10. Lets not oppose for the sake of opposing. If indeed he is helping yes its good. Merit should be given when due. Come on not all sheep’s are black. Only some thats why bah bah black sheep!

    • We do not need such ineffectual dumbo as MP wasting tax money.
      Why not lead the clown prince and ministars around Singapore to see how the poor make out their daily lives first hand? If LN is sincere, he should be in parliament fighting for a cause to get the basic welfare legislation in place.
      He is put there simply because PAP already sized him up as a meek fool and parroting lemming, to act as an insulation between the people and government.

  11. Whole load of BS ! If he is WP or NMP, then the stupid netizen will say it’s silent protest. What a childish game ? Really hope that readers and viewers can be mature, just like those who watch CNN, attend Brookings seminar, read Foreign Policy journal or George Kennan : An American Life or 环球时报 or Mainichi Shimbun. Need more intellectual minds rather than those as like the school drop out who did a website down.

  12. Being the least among all the ultra rich PAP MP he had no idea what is poor. At least he attempted to act like one and he thinks it is fun. Conclusion PAP MP and ministers deserved the Super high salary. 发啊。

  13. To be at peace is not being afraid of your own feelings and having the courage and confidence in the face of criticism, even when unjustified.

    The positive intent is to highlight the NGO campaign of creating awareness of the vulnerable group,which has been achieved since it has drawn the much needed diversed reflections of the visuals noticed but rarely discussed in our community✌️

  14. To be at peace is not being afraid of your own feelings and having the courage and confidence in the face of criticism, even when unjustified.

    The positive intent is to highlight the NGO campaign of creating awareness of the vulnerable group,which has been achieved since it has drawn the much needed diversed reflections of the visuals noticed but rarely discussed in our community✌

    • If that white termite is sincere in doing what he did !, there are plenty of poor pple around the island for him to take snap shots ! Do not be deceived by his sinister ploy to discredit and insult social activists, good samaritan , volunteers of their good works and the poors, vulnerable, weaks, socially disadvantage !
      if this white termite do not wish to help the poors in our society, just stfu!, no one will know but now? u asshole white termite just dig your own grave ! see yourself get f*%#*%%^k come 2019 ! and you white termite just did a big fu*%**%^*%k up again that reflect badly on your white termite gang ! though not that they are any where near ok in the public eye !!! nahbeh!!

    • We already have social activists who are very successful in generating awareness for the socially disadvantaged.

      If this PAP clown is sincere, why not work with them to bring the real voice into parliament?

      In short, many already see through such wayangs from a dumb PAP stooge.

  15. Pap’s got the reverse Midas touch. Whoever they recruit turns into crap. Even an NGO guy who is supposed to be more in touch with the ground got ruined.

    • It’s the other way round, they are recruited because the dishonorable son deemed them to be brainless subservient crap and not pose any threat to his kingdom.

  16. I do not think low wage worker earning $2000 or more is a good thing.
    Forcing low wage worker to upgrade here upgrade there to get the $2000 until they cannot handle the job is not a good thing.
    ‘Safety net job’ of minimum wage $1000 that ‘anyone can do easy job’ will do.

  17. Please tell me which is right. One MP already said cardboard collectors are exercising and doing it for past time. WHY is he said he is helping them. You meant they exercise wrongly or unprofessionally

  18. I visit a good friend of mine in Tamil Nadu . He was so impress with our minister Tharman and Shamm, when I told him on how they have done so well in SG politics , my good friend which is also a cabinet member in Modi .. told me politics is to neutralise the member .. to be iron fist like China will be total failure because one day the citizen will revolt . Modi is the best

    • Common sense and sincerity will tell, less is more.

      No need to keep paying someone who does not know his role and waste time on things that have little impact.

      His key role is in parliament to fight for the citizens for a good outcome, has he done that?

  19. “Speak up for and help the disadvantaged in Singapore” ?!!
    If you guys really OPEN YOUR EYEs and CARE about needy and disadvantage in this island, you don’t need to wast time and money or an cosplay photo shoot….,those folks who their health still allow them to sell some old goods in Sungai Road so not to depends on others -You guys closed it !
    The OFF-PEAK concession transport pass which old folks with no income or low income can used to save some money -which cost almost nothing compare to anyone of ur 23month bonus or SMRT CEO undeserved million dollars bonus – You guys stop it!

    Even as cardboard collectors they needs to apply for license!


  20. PAP MP Louis Ng is pretentious, pretend to be a poor and needy man, when his income is SGD$15,000 per month. How come the quality of PAP MP is getting lower and lower? Louis Ng also appear on CNA TV as “maverick politician”. Louis Ng is another hypocrite in PAP.

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