PAP MP caught dozing off as PM Lee talks about LKY’s values in Parliament


PAP Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC, Desmond Choo, was caught drifting in and out of sleep while Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong expounded about his father, the late founding Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s rules and values in Parliament this week.

It was perhaps an indicator of how some Singaporeans felt about the 2-day parliamentary debate about 38 Oxley Road, where PM Lee defended himself against “baseless” accusations of abuse of power by his siblings, without giving them a platform to speak for themselves.

Desmond Choo, we understand. We also sian liao. ????????????

Posted by FAS – Failing At Soccer on Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Photos of other MPs in Parliament this week suggest how exciting the “robust debate” really might have been:



  1. These are the group “fine” men of high integrity that loong is telling you all about. Looks like even they are bored of the grandmother story that their master is trying to sell to the country.

  2. Mohan Karuppaya Ho Chin Hong Ankur Recoba pls don’t penalize me if u c me sleeping during office hr….I’m following good example set by our government

  3. This issue not shiok lah! If whacking WP, every PAP MPs will be wide awake and alert. Those caught napping should be ashamed. You ppl are sitting in parliament, mind you!

  4. That’s what the tax payers are paying for especially for this Lee’s saga. It’s a bonus $$$ for them to use the parliament house. This is an example of being “vigorous” for LHL family matters…..very “siong”! Can’t u see the pics?

  5. I also want….. pay me to sleep …… inside the Parliamentary hall when debating is going on.. Any vacancy available. Or Carlefare not filled up yet? Can also accept 7k half their salary of an MP.

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