PAP Fanpage accuses Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson of calling Singaporeans “dogs”


Pro-PAP Facebook page, Fabrications About the PAP, has twisted Lee Kuan Yew’s grandson, Li Shengwu’s private Facebook message to a friend, attempting to make it seem like Shengwu is calling all Singaporeans “dogs.”

Last weekend, Shengwu linked a Wall Street Journal article that offered a thorough analysis of the public Oxley Rd feud in a ‘Friends only’ private Facebook post and said, “Keep in mind, of course that the Singapore government is very litigious and has a pliant court system. This constrains what the international media can usually report.”

He also linked a New York Times article on censorship and the use of defamation laws by both Lee Kuan Yew and Lee Hsien Loong to censor the foreign press.

Screengrab released by Thoughts SG

The Attorney-General’s Chambers somehow picked up this private post and said, “AGC is aware of the post and is looking into the matter.”

Shengwu hit back at the AGC and mainstream media’s coverage of his post:

Somewhat surprised that my last Facebook post has been enough to trigger a response from the Attorney-General’s Chambers in Singapore.
This post was shared on “Friends only” privacy settings on Saturday (20 likes at the time of this writing). Apparently, that’s enough to warrant three newspaper articles and a statement by the Attorney-General’s Chambers that they’re “looking into it”.
I’m surprised that the Singapore government is so petty. Would they also like to trawl my private Facebook feed for seditious vacation photos? 
(By the way – the official media inaccurately reports that the post was “uploaded on Saturday and later taken down”. It’s never been taken down – if you’re among my Facebook friends you can see it just below this one.)



Shengwu later commented on his post, in reference to a mainstream media report that incorrectly said Shengwu removed his first post:


His Facebook friend replied:

redwire-singapore-fap-defamation-li-shengwu-3Shengwu then responded:


The PAP fanpage twisted this and said:

“Ye Ye – We will try to make you proud.”

This is how Shengwu does it, by calling Singaporeans dogs because they disagree with him.

This is what a Oxford & Stanford education is?

LHY and gang have failed to understand that if not for their father or grandfather, their words on the government are worthless.

Their words carry ‘weight’ because of LKY, not by their own merits. They are in fact abusing their status as family of LKY for their personal dispute.

Unlike LHL, his words carries weight not because of his dad, but because of people like me who voted him in.


The page admin not only misrepresented Shengwu’s words, he also cast aspersions upon Shengwu’s father, Lee Hsien Yang and presumably Lee Wei Ling for “abusing their status” as Lee Kuan Yew’s children to escalate their personal dispute.

In June 2017, a private feud between founding Prime Minister’s children Lee Hsien Loong, Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang spilled into the public domain when the younger Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang accused their elder brother, the Prime Minister of Singapore, of abusing his power to preserve their family home against their father’s willed desire to demolish the house.

The siblings alleged that the PM had convened a secret committee to make a decision on the house and that state organs were being used against them. PM Lee addressed the allegations against him in a Parliamentary debate where he declared that he has been cleared of all charges. He added that he does not intend to sue his siblings.

Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang reinforced their allegations, following this, but offered a ceasefire on releasing further evidence in favor of settling the matter in private, provided that the PM does not misrepresent or attack them or their father’s wish.

Li Shengwu’s latest post suggests Oxley squabble is far from over

AGC is “looking into” Li Shengwu’s post criticising Singapore Government; Shengwu hits back

“Is this respecting Mr Lee Kuan Yew?” – Senior Minister of State Chee Hong Tat slams Li Shengwu

"Ye Ye – We will try to make you proud."This is how Shengwu does it, by calling Singaporeans dogs because they…

Posted by Fabrications About The PAP on Wednesday, 19 July 2017


  1. FAP got to play with over a billion budget thanks to the any’O’how approved by PMO for this propaganda for the whiter than white makes them worst than dogs.

  2. This is how dirty they are, twist and turn what you said to bring you down. 70percent always believe them……………GCT master of this kind of art work, if you look back since he was a MP…..

  3. That guy must be a dog lah, so obedient..go and play fetch and chase after the pussies lah before he twisted the facts, so obvious who ShengWu is referring to, the guy is spying on his post, so he know who he is..

  4. You worthless pieces of trash at the PAP Fanpage……your English is so poor that you cannot understand simple English…..Li Sheng Wu was referring to LHL’s henchmen…..not all Singaporeans…….you worthless garbage pls go back to nursery to learn basic English first lah….

    This guy is a PURE joke. Whole world knows LHL became a PM bcoz of LKY. Ask around and see the result. I’m sure most will agree it’s LKY. This guy voted LHL bcoz LHL word carries weight? What weight? Maybe the 2 balls!!!! plus the ministers…..
    LHL has no originality. He uses LKY’s quote to win election. This guy should see the election video & LKY’s video…. Ok la if he’s the same calibre as LHL………anyway they’re all dogs…sons of bitches

  6. He said his uncle dogs la ! Don anyhow said Singaporeans lei FAP ! If u want to admit u r a dog fine that’s your business but don anyhow mention Singaporeans !

  7. Goodness! That person that wrote the content on the pap
    Fan page is delusional. He must be living in his own world.
    real people don’t read those kind of fantasy in the pap fan page. Esp the last paragraph of the post, it’s the most hilarious. Lol. .

  8. Only those guilty ones will feel offended by that remark and its glaringly obvious who are these people just by scrolling through all the fb comments

  9. LHL then the one that rely solely on LKY to get to today… even the stupid speech also need to copy… “you gotta have the iron on you…. r ass…, this is not a game of card… this is your life and my life… and mine cost much more than you… “

  10. Everyone here knew that dog is Papies . No matter how it twisted . Even the 70% daft aware Papies is a trademark of PAP stray dogs ! They make themselves look like a moron .

  11. now nephew also fighting uncle. and calling his clowns – dogs. one step away from condemning his dead grandpa – sue and sue and a pliant court! now grandson also condemn lky.

  12. And what the police is gonna do to him? As a civilian who had bad-mouthing about member of the family, would he be arrested and sued like the others?

  13. It hurts them. Cos, they know they are dogs and are now barking when their master are being criticised !!! Oops. I am actually a dog lover !! But, these are mad dogs !!!

  14. The post in FAP is CLEAR PROOF that people like jason chua are really dogs. They can’t read simple English. One doesn’t need an Oxford or Stanford education to understand a simple sentence. But then even normal dogs are not supposed to have independent thoughts when they are instructed by their masters, what can be expected from a diseased dog like jason

  15. Only dogs react to its master. Whether you are a dog or not is justifiable by your actions. By the way, good dogs always jump to its master defence. Wat d’ya think? LOL.

  16. Wah, the double standard here is amazing. The opposition can call a Singaporean a dog because they voted or support the PAP. But the PAP voters or Supporters can’t call these kind of people out.

  17. I do not see anything that suggested Shengwu mentioning all Singaporeans are dog
    it is twisted with some other intent
    Good job Shengwu, keep it up with your good writing

    • The AGC should take firm action for his undermining the judicial system besides “demolishing” the parliamentary opposition’ accusation of the govt’s practice of “double standardness”!

  18. Oh. Just like how TISG accused Mdm Halimah Yacob of editing her Wiki page? What TISG is doing is far worse than what they now have accused Jason Chua Chin Seng of Fabrications About The PAP has done?

    Shengwu Li wrote, “…my uncle’s dogs are watching my posts…”. He claimed to have set it to ‘Friends’ only.

    FAP wrote, ‘This is how Shengwu does it, by calling Singaporeans dogs because they disagree with him”.

    Lets see:

    1) LSW’s “uncle’s dogs” are most likely than not Singaporeans
    2) “watching his posts” would mean they are among his FB ‘Friends’
    3) these ‘dogs’ disagree with his stance

    So, where is the ‘lie’ told by FAP? Sure, FAP could get more specific about it. Everyone could. But it did NOT, as TISG claimed, “attempting to make it seem like Shengwu is calling ALL Singaporeans “dogs.”!

    ALL? Really?

    Now read the casting of aspersions created by TISG on Mdm Halimah Yacob:

    “Perhaps Mdm Halimah’s Wikipedia page was edited to avoid claims and speculation that she is unfit to run in the presidential race, even though she is a certified Malay. The deletion of her ancestry, however, may have backfired as netizens circulating the photo have taken the edits as evidence that Mdm Halimah is trying to bury her origins.”

    Tell me now, who is being more disingenuous? Sheesh!

  19. I heard a phrase once, quote ” we, are the ultimate beings. .” Unquote from a young student years ago (happened to be a child of a elitist). Need we say more?

  20. Beautiful statement by Li Sheng Wu that he can accept criticism from those who disagree and will regard them as friends!
    A person who study philosophy is very forgiving and amicable with a spiritual path!
    Life on earth is a journey of learning and between the very intimate relationships of husband and wife, there are times of disagreement too!
    God give everyone a choice to agree or disagree but remained as good friends and live harmoniously even with disagreement in certain issues
    Those who disagree may change their minds to agree as they become more philosophical in life!

  21. This fucktard of an attempt of a facebook page called Fab ABout PAP, is nothing but bullfucking rubbish shuffed down your throat by Jason Chua CB.

  22. I think the interpretation that Li Sheng Wu refers to Singaporeans as Dog is correct because he stated that my uncle’s dogs are watching and will tell inform him (LHL). So, if any originally Singaporean saw his fb and inform LHL in his FB, automatically this Singaporean is a Dog.

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