Overworked Uber driver who held two jobs passes away after feeling unwell mid-trip


A 60-year-old Uber driver, Wang Yong Qing, passed away after feeling unwell while ferrying a passenger near Changi airport, last Thursday.

According to the Chinese daily, Yong Qing had picked up a male passenger near the airport and was midway through the ride, when he felt unwell. Yong Qing reportedly had to stop the car, while his passenger called for an ambulance around 7.05pm.

Emergency respondents conveyed Yong Qing to Changi General Hospital where he passed away.

Wang’s elder brother, 62-year-old Wang Yong Shun indicated that Yong Qing was overworked holding down two jobs at th same time. During the day, Yong Qing worked as a transport driver, sending construction workers to their sites. He would then drive for Uber from 5pm onwards, only ending his work day at 1am every night.

Yong Shun, who lived with his single younger brother, told reporters that Yong Qing has been driving for Uber for six months and has been a driver for over two decades. While Yong Qing had always been healthy, it was only recently that Yong Shun noticed his brother looking overworked.

The elder brother, who only came to know of his brother’s death by a call from the police, noted that he had difficulty waking his brother up in the morning, in the past three weeks before his death.


  1. At 60 plus, one should be living a retired life. Only in spore, elderly are forced to work until they die. Bet this uncle has loads of CPF $$ not release to him due to the minimum sum scheme. Good job pap. Uncle holding 2 jobs while the whole bunch of you are counting your obsense salary. Well done. Uncle RIP.

  2. This is the consequences of locking up the poor citizens retirement funds!
    Our government is far too cruel to our very own country fellowmen, no wonder a lady is screaming at the top of her voice in Hong Lim Park that our government shows no compassion to our country fellowmen !!!
    May his soul start to chase after all the white monkeys, especially the one who lock our retirement funds

  3. Life is hard in Singapore. At 60 one still need to work at two jobs. Both jobs require driving a vehicle. The roads in Singapore is very stressful to drive in. This could have affected his heart. At 60 the heart may not be strong. Rest In Peace, Wang Yong Chin.

  4. So sad this is happening. We have a beautiful and safe country but because of the high cost of living, some has to turn to 2 jobs to make ends meet thus resulting in sacrificing their health. So sad

    • What make it worst with so many introduction of ERPs, Cameras, almost 24hrs Bus Lanes, so many Road Works, short intermittance traffic signals, Parking Rules, Events organised by Govt or private sectors at the expense of road tax payers & etcs is a very big toll on drivers to become stressful and frustrating earning a living or driving around.

  5. Why didn’t the Brother take his two job brother to see the MP or family service centre to ask for help? Is the brother who is still alive working also or had relied completely on the one who died?

  6. So Mr Parliment Speaker Tan Chuan Jin do you still insist that the elderly in Singapore work for fun work to pass time?
    In most countries ard the world (inclusive of 3rd world countries) elderly are leading a retired life. Only in spore, elderly are forced to work until they die.

    Do you state ministers and leaders know the agonies of the people on the ground?
    Or do you simply juz dun care as Long as you get your salaries?

    I am sure he has his cpf monies but due to your retirement law he cannot have access to solve his live hood issues that he have to over work himself in such a way that he pass on eventually!

    Is this going to happen to all of us in Singapore?

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