Over 80 percent of respondents think independent Inquiry should be held over Oxley-squabble


On 19 June, we pointed out a Straits Times (ST) poll which asked 100 people for their views on the Oxley-squabble, and asked our readers to take a similar online straw poll on the topic.

Lee Kuan Yew’s children have chosen Facebook as the platform to have their squabble on. The younger children have levelled some serious accusations against the older child. They have expressed that they have no confidence in their older brother, who is also the Prime Minister of Singapore, to lead the country. PM Lee has responded to the accusations saying he will address them in parliament on 3rd July.

The ST polled 100 people and published on 19 Jun that 80 percent of those polled wanted PM Lee and his siblings to settle things privately. It said only 20 percent felt that a public hearing was necessary.

Our online straw poll suggest quite the opposite. Over 85 percent of respondents think that an independent inquiry should be held over the allegations. A third of respondents also felt that the matter should be privately settled among family members.

What our poll may indicate is that many of our readers feel that there is no conflict in Lee Kuan Yew’s children privately settling the dispute surrounding Lee Kuan Yew’s house among themselves, while allegations like abuse of power are dealt with in an independent Inquiry.

We asked our readers to take the poll only if you they are Singapore citizens, and have kept themselves abreast of the recent developments surrounding the house at 38 Oxley Road and Lee Kuan Yew’s will.

These are the results.

These are selected opinions of some respondents.

Here is another straw poll for our readers. We are asking our readers if they think Parliament is the right platform to address the serious accusations PM Lee’s siblings have made against him, or if an independent Inquiry is a better platform. Please leave your reasons for your choice in the comments section.


The poll is here: https://goo.gl/VgZgSJ


  1. Anyone that reads ST, are PAP supporters and it’s natural that they want this to be dealt with privately in order to cover the truths. It’s no longer a private matter when abusing of power is involved.

  2. I do not trust the Straits Times or any other publications blindly. One must always apply your common sense. World is a deceitful place or leaders/govt have their own agenda. I have huge debate with 2 highly educated doctors today, they are smart or brilliant n think Singaporeans should appreciate, 40% who are not doing well, must set the expectations, it is OK for 40% to be unhappy but 60% are happy. Regrettably, I am do not see it that way, PAP have served Singapore well but it has forgotten the real Singaporeans who are the 40% needs to be educated and provided within reasonable means. No reason why a nation with USD 270bn reserves cannot find some compassion to educate, provide a conduit for the 40% to help themselves. It sadden me to see 70 year old Singaporeans working for $8/hr when they can stay home n spend time with their grandchildren in old age. These 2 medical professionals are rich as our ministers, they seem to miss the key point in life!

  3. why still need inquiry? it’s a will of LKY to demolish, so just tear it down! still need to talk so much. But what we need LHL to address is the abuse of power!

  4. Honestly, it should be a private settlement among the siblings but since they have chosen to wash their dirty linen publicly, it have shaken the world confidence about Singapore . It has also disappointed all of us because of our trust in them . Words cannot express the terrible consequences all of us are facing economically.

  5. Who doesn’t want them to solve the 38 Oxley saga. But how? Will PM use the methods of his father. DON’t beat around the bush. Ask the real questions.

  6. Oh really? Since when does ST’s poll represent the masses? So does it mean if CNN were to publish a poll on Singapore, the results are even more believable since they are far larger a news organization than ST???

  7. When 1MDB saga were exposed…..we thought Singapore was still as clean as ever….but what they say blood us thicker than water….Singapore as a younger brother too were having their fair share of dirty linens need to be cleaned by the citizens. Phucking shit.

  8. The time is now ripe for independent professionally run polling organisations to set up shop and do their work. The ST is totally discredited as well as the other MSM like Today and CNA. Nobody believes them even if its the truth!

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