Otter pup with deep cut caused by metal wire spotted in the polluted waters of Pasir Ris Park


A young otter with a deep gash around his midsection was spotted yesterday in the disturbingly polluted waters of Pasir Ris Park, which is littered with plastic bottles, packaged food and drinks, cigarette butts and other debris that clearly pose a risk to the lives of these otters.

Footage of the pup captured by nature enthusiast Abel Yeo shows that the pup has a metal wire wrapped around its body, which is causing a deep laceration:

Acres and otter watchers looking into rescue of injured otter

VIDEO: This otter was spotted in Pasir Ris Park with a deep cut running across its back. OtterWatch and ACRES are looking to rescue the pup.(Video: Abel Yeo)

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Monday, 30 October 2017

In spite of this, the pup appears healthy and happy and was seen swimming around with its family – a group of otters identified as the Changi family that frequents the Pasir Ris and Lorong Halus region.

The pup has been suffering from the wound caused by the metal wire for at least two weeks, although it is unclear exactly when it was ensnared in the wire. A photo showing the pup from two weeks ago reveals that the laceration around its midsection has deepened and widened since it was last seen:

Commenting on Yeo’s footage of the poor pup, veterinary pathologist at Wildlife Reserves Singapore, Chia-Da Hsu, opined has the wound could likely lead to infection and death.

She, however, also warned that removing the pup from its family could have negative implications, as well:

ACRES and the Otter Working Group are cooperating with the relevant agencies to formulate an intervention plan to possibly save the young otter’s life.


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