The Presidential Election 2017 is reserved for the Malay community. For an
individual to qualify as a candidate, he or she must receive both a Certificate of
Eligibility from the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC), and a Community
Certificate from the Community Committee (CC) stating that he or she belongs to the
Malay community.

Applications made
Five individuals applied for a Certificate of Eligibility. Of these five individuals,
three declared that they belonged to the Malay community and applied for Malay
Community Certificates.

Decisions on Certificate of Eligibility
The PEC has decided to issue one Certificate of Eligibility.

Decisions on Community Certificates

The CC referred all three applications for a Malay Community Certificate to the
Malay Community Sub-Committee (MCSC), and the MCSC has concluded that all
three applicants belong to the Malay community. The CC will therefore issue three
Malay Community Certificates.

As this Presidential Election is reserved for the Malay community, the CC
rejected the two community declarations where the declarants did not declare
themselves to be a member of the Malay community.

Individuals issued with both Certificates
One individual will be issued with both the Certificate of Eligibility and the Malay
Community Certificate.

Notification to candidates
The Elections Department has notified all five individuals on the outcome of
their applications. Reasons were also given to the unsuccessful applicants for a
Certificate of Eligibility. The PEC and the Elections Department will not, in the first
instance, publish the names of the unsuccessful applicants or the reasons given to
them. This is to give effect to the recommendation of the Constitutional Commission
that unsuccessful applicants should not be disclosed to the public, to reduce the
prospect of potential applicants being dissuaded from stepping forward to contest the
elections. An unsuccessful applicant is free to publish the reasons given to him or her.


  1. This president is not the people’s choice. ..she is the PAP government’s choice. .so she is not an elected President. ..she is instated president by the government. ..she is not elected by the people, for the people and respected by the people.

  2. Good news for all Indian Muslims. Now they can apply help from MUIS instead of SINDA Yipee I don’t need to stand up upon the arrival of the President for the next 5 years of NDP parade maybe more middle fingers will be capture on Live TV

  3. They must think Singaporeans have single digit IQ. We saw this coming long ago and predicted the exact outcome who will become president. She has also set precedence for future female presidents.

    • Another tall man G scene replayed lor ….same script as the late old man wrote …..Who you guess is next up WPE??? No ends to their dominance! At all cost The L-Dynasty must preview till eternity come!! ! Majullah Sunkapura!!!

    This is really disgraceful. The government went through great pains to make amendments to the constitution in orchestrating the PE reserved for a Malay candidate. The most ridiculous piece of shit is the qualifying criteria of $500 million. Having done all this, then they disqualify the other 2 candidates. Isn’t a sheer waste of resources by orchestrating all this in parliament when finally there is no election and their nominated stooge becomes the so called president. In the first place why called for an election when they jolly well knew that they will be bulldozing their nominated candidate by putting ludicrous qualifying conditions which in anyway the committee will reject as has been proven? Instead the government should have nominated a president by majority votes in parliament. Because as it is evident now their nominated candidate is not one who is elected by the people. And this president has no moral standing and will not have the respect and honour of an elected president. Moreover their nominated candidate has never run a business amounting to $500 million in the real sense but Mr. Farid has really run a business amounting to more than $400 million. What difference does it make because of $100 million. The select committee should have exercised some flexibility. A contest would have given some credibility to the government and shown the people that a real democratic process is taking place.
    It begs me to ask if the government was afraid to have a contest because of the adverse feedback netizens have been posting on social media and the fear that their nominated candidate will lose?
    The dictionary defines Shameful as having the following meaning :-
    Disgraceful, deplorable, despicable, contemptible, dishonourable, discreditable, reprehensible, base, mean, low, blameworthy, unworthy, ignoble, shabby, inglorious, infamous, unprincipled, shocking, scandalous, outrageous,abominable, atrocious, appalling, disgusting, vile, odious, monstrous, heinous, unspeakable, loathsome, sordid, bad, wicked, immoral, nefarious, indefensible, inexcusable, unforgivable;

  5. Barack Obama was President, two terms, America black 14%. Manmohan Singh was Prime Minister, two terms, India Sikh 2%. Free and fair fight, popularly elected, therefore, served with authority and dignity. The greatest nation and the largest democratic nation. Ronald Regan. Iran released the hostages, 52 diplomats n citizens, held for 444 days, US Embassy, Tehran, the same day at the same hour Regan was sworn in. The greatest President of modern times will not qualify for the Certificate of Eligibility. Real work by real people.

  6. The only true election for the EP was the last one. If they did not qualify TJS, TT would have been wiped out. TJS clearly did not qualify but they allowed it. This time, they refused to allow it because they knew an embarrassing result awaits them. Poor Halimah. I pity her because she is a lame-duck EP. No one will respect her except for the bootlickers. I will not want to shake her hands if I meet her nor will I clap for her at any event, I might have the misfortune to attend if she was the GoH.

  7. Don’t know which race she really belongs and just follow what other tell her who she is. Do u think she able to act independently to protect our reserve? She can’t even speak out for herself and admit she is a mixed race . Where is her integrity and credibility? It just make no common sensical to the Citizen . But certainly make sense to CCSIs an insult to our intelligence

  8. Whether one stand a chance is the choice of the people. The reasons many expressed disappointment and anger is the walk over candidate wasn’t a true blue Malay as many claimed. That matters.

    • The definition of Malay is nothing new! It was defined during the launch of the GRC constitution amendment to take care of minorities. Why nobody make noise then?

    • Are you sure nobody make noise? It’s not the definition its more to do with true identity. If your paternal parent is Chinese, you can’t call yourself Indian because you worship hinduism. Right? Likewise if your paternal parent is Indian, however definition you want, the race column in the birth certificate and later identity card still follows your paternal parent race .

    • No ! the evil dynasty need not fool anyone ! In all counts white termite gang blatantly rob you of your right as citizen !!! And, That’s how arrogant this gang of elitist white termite and their Leeder are !!! 无法无天!一手遮天!可是他们亡记有因必有课! 邪恶的人没有好的结局! 新加坡 万岁!

  9. So, at the end of the day, you’re all back to square one, a nominated President.
    “You can choose whoever you want to be President, so long as he/she is this one person we say you want.”

  10. Wow ! Finally a path has been cleared for a tamed Halimau to walk over. Let’s see whether she can walk with her head high up or down or face covered with a veil.

  11. This election when there is only 1 eligible candidate is a farce. The PAP government might as well appoint her as president rather than give the appearance of democracy, justice, meritocracy n equality.

  12. Whether they did or NOT is not point! This PE committee is utter ‘bullshit’ thus the role of President. Why should taxpayers pay for this irrelevant position that serves no credible function.

    • She’s really thick skinned isn’t it aware
      that citizens are not happy with this whole undemocratic racist wayang and still she insist to be president !!?? How can she expect any respect from anyone ??

  13. In my opinion , reserved election should not have taken place.
    PAP had planned all these long time ago.
    They made changes to keep Tan jee say and tan cheng bock out.
    And they knew there are no suitable malays.
    And they install Halimah.
    Election Dept not impartial

  14. I agreed this is totally a joke and a shame to the country. Everyone in the world read this news will laugh at it – a walkover President. To be the People’s President you should listen to the wishes of the people to have an Elected based on voting not walkover. Next , Singapore are already well known for its KiaSee, KiaSu and then on North Korea issues we add on Kay Kiang and Kay Poh. Now another ‘K’ added on to it is “KELONG!”

  15. Where on earth you have a walkover president. This has brought shame on G and the nation. We citizens must show them our anger and frustration at the next GE. Hope that the 70 percent will now wake up. This is like chosen one and not even tested. G suka suka amend the constitution in order to have a walkover president who only take instructions and order from G.

  16. WTF…nominated president for S’pore. PAP unscrupulous method always as usual. She’s not my president and I don’t have respect for her. The only president I have full respect is OTC. Congrat to Indian Muslim in S’pore. Malay Muslim can still share the joy for her provided they can accept her as Malay.

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