Online polls overwhelmingly dispute ST poll on S’poreans wanting Lee family to settle Oxley-squabble privately


On Monday (19 Jun), the Straits Times (ST) suddenly released a survey result saying that “most S’poreans want Lee family spat settled privately”.

This would, of course, would put pressure on PM’s siblings, Hsien Yang and Wei Ling, to stop posting Facebook messages which continue to embarrass the PM.

Most damning is the part where they have accused their elder brother, PM Lee, of abusing his power as PM. They also said they do not trust him and have no confidence in him as a leader of Singapore. PM Lee, of course, denied these allegations.

In the ST report, it said that a total of 100 Singaporeans were surveyed and its results show 80% “were of the broad view that the dispute over the late Mr Lee’s will and the fate of the original family home at 38, Oxley Road is a matter best resolved in private”.

Only 20% said a public airing of the dispute between PM and his siblings is necessary, given the PM’s position.

Online survey

To check if ST survey results were valid, an online poll was conducted asking the question: Should an independent public hearing be conducted in light of allegations made by PM Lee’s siblings against him?

Of the 664 votes received as of today (21 Jun), a whopping 87% said “YES” to an independent public hearing, directly in conflict with ST’s 20%.

A similar online poll conducted by also showed that an overwhelming percentage wanted an independent inquiry to be held.

Of the 392 votes, 88% said “YES” to an independent inquiry, in view of the serious allegations made against PM Lee by his siblings, and 69% said “NO” to having the Lee family members settling the matter privately.

Over 80 percent of respondents think independent Inquiry should be held over Oxley-squabble

So, who do you believe? Online independent polls or ST poll?



  1. Any News regards to our country politics are probably altered or twisted in favourable of PAP..don’t even need to mention the credibility and reliability of the polls done by them

  2. When will educated people realise that statistics is an impediment to telling the truth? Moreover, the ST sample size is much too small (100 polled against a readership of 1 million. Ridiculous!!!)

  3. This is an internal Straits Times affair. Straits Times must quickly have a secret committee made up of their employees to decide whether the poll is impartial. Afterwards have a meeting to debate about it. ST boss promise won’t whip the employees this time unlike the other times so they can talk openly and think independently.

  4. Of course I believe ST poll…. numbers pluck from the sky…. ownself check ownself, ownself award ownself, best journalism in the world ranking 154 in world standing it’s a no brainier !! ST is my choice always!

  5. It all depends on methodology. I know online poll is voluntary those keen to be heard and would not be representative. ST POLL views from a cross section of society. So would be more representative for sure!

  6. Actually i will be one of them to vote them to settle privately because if this were be discuss in parliament ….we already know who will win ! Men in white of course…. therefore wasting our taxpayer $ 🙂

  7. I still believe in Singapore now and what Hon. LKY did for Singapore. Only one person like him comes in a lifetime. Be grateful Singapore…
    This problem will pass.❤

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