One year on, Taiwanese woman who assaults Taxi Driver and Security Guard was not punished.


It has been almost one year since Taiwanese Woman Dina Huang Chih Yung has refused to pay her taxi fare, then assaulted the taxi driver and security guard.

However, one year on, no official punishment was ever dealt. The last news we heard was in May 2017, where it was announced she would be charged in court. The result of those charges, if they actually happened, was not known.

Why was there no news at all? Is it because the punishment was so meager, it wasn’t even worth reporting? Or was the case was dropped and no court case ever proceeded? Or perhaps she fled the country long ago? Or maybe the TV station and 154th ranked media didn’t think that a foreigner bullying a Singaporean was considered worthy news?

I find it absolutely atrocious, that the authorities would just lay this buried, thinking that all Singaporeans have long since forgotten this case. I urge the public to not let this matter be swept under the carpet just like all the other cases! Did the authorities really think that people would just forget?

If a Singaporean misbehaved, he/she would be quickly punished, and the news would report it all over the place! But when a foreigner bullies a Singaporean? Swept under the carpet, as usual!

Reader’s contribution by Chen Guojun 


  1. If the person is a Singaporean, it will be in the A1 headline. And report non stop for 1 week. The reporters at sph have no integrity. They are just corrupted and worse than prostitutes.

  2. Sometime I really cannot understand if the heading is a statement or a question. Singapore court has bring a lot of foreigner to court so stop this freak bullshit about foreginer having an edge in Singapore.

    • Yes bro, tats what they r trying to tell you… “Shut up and get back to work, u worthless peasant”…. Of cos we know who voted for such treatment…

    • Look at Lee nephew case, so fast and wasted so much tax payer money to write 1500 pages for a 50 words comment, than already know what kind of idiots they are

  3. Dun u kno the most severe punishments r meted out to Singaporeans? Not so much for foreigners these days… why? Bcoz it involves diplomatic relationships so it’s troublesome. Mostly to instill fear by punishment & embarrassment so tt the country/people can b easily governed. Obedience is the word!

  4. SPH should have closed shop long ago. It’s a waste of time reading straits times. Did they ever report that pm said in 2015 GE that it is absurb to raise tax and now that same mouth say tax will be increased. Of course they will not report this. Perhaps they should change name to Crooked Times

  5. AGC should comment on this. And stop public speculation. Not good for our legal system.

    Of course with so many people here saying bad things will AGC take action against their FB posts since they are “Public”?

  6. As i have said, there are no true reporters in SPH. Investigation and guts are not their forte. And why foreigners are often spared scandalous coverage? Many reasons, but most important this is a foreigners- worshipping country, where many in the upper class, including the government, having no pride in their own culture or cultures. They despise their own plebians and secretly love their foreugn counterparts. It is a disease hard to remove.

  7. Singaporeans MUST BE held at a higher standard than a foreigner in our own country! Instead some people are asking for, hoping for, leniency, privileges and special treatment.

    No wonder we have strawberries! They expect the same from their parents because parents tries to explain away their children’s bad behavior their entire life!

    Honestly who gives a F what happened to the above mentioned! We have other more important issues than for petty incidents.
    Maybe the three of them fell in love with each other and forgave each other!

  8. Remember in the very recent news where it was reported about the HDB building tens of thousands of new HDB flats?

    Yup right…for more ppl like her…(Secured votes)
    So ok la…just a slap on the wrists for her


    For roughly half an hour after arriving at the scene of the Little India riot, the police commander overseeing operations to quell the melee chose to keep a distance from the mob, calling for backup, while his men shielded him from projectiles hurled by rioters.

    Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) Lu Yeow Lim’s decision not to move in on the crowd despite being attacked came under fire yesterday, with the Committee of Inquiry (COI) Chairman lambasting him for “(staying) put at a protected place and (doing) nothing”.

  10. Perhaps she has attained a private out of the court settlement with the taxi driver and security guard ? ….. who knows right
    Otherwise it will be damn unfair or maybe she is the scandal of some politician , mp , grassroots leaders whatsoever ?
    What has Mr Mugan has to say about this ?….
    Are the law enforcers even investigating this to begin with ?…. wayang to the max

  11. I still remember and still waiting for the Indian lady slap the girl inside owndays spectacle case see how many charges she being commit.
    The Malaysian Ah lian ( Singapore PR case ) whom wear skirt and Kick the Malaysian man and tell her country’s man to F off from Singapore.
    The china lady scolded the simei condo management manager and hit him.
    All this 4 cha Boh case .
    Waiting for TCS news lei .
    Facebook better .
    Right Boh Tedd Jing Kai?

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