Old woman cried when taxi driver gave her $10 for tissue-papers she was selling


Ghazali Sadip, a taxi-driver, recounted in his Facebook about how he found an old woman selling packets of tissue-papers on an overhead bridge in Bukit Merah, and how she was very thankful when he gave her $10 for them.

“A sad sight greeted me this Sunday morning on my way back from the market at Bukit Merah. A very old lady who can barely stand up and walk or even talk, finds herself a “strategic” spot at an overhead bridge.

oldwomanAs I approached her, she raised both her shaking hands holding 3 packets of tissue paper. I took the tissue packets from her hands. As I gently bring her shivering hands down, I slipped a $10 note in between her palms, that was the only change I have left after my marketing.

She clasped her palms and move it up and down in appreciation. Her teary eyes looking at me, while her mouth was trying to mumble something that I couldn’t decipher.

A dollar for 3 packets of tissue paper? How many does she has to sell to get herself three meals for the day? And she has to get a permit to do this?

A good part of this old lady’s life, and many others have contributed much towards building this country, and I wonder if this is the best that the nation can “repay” her?

Some will say that she is just “exercising” like the others of her age who collect cardboard boxes and empty drink cans just so that they can have food on their tables.

We have the highest paid government ministers in the world who pride themselves of building this island nation with one of the highest GDP.

So please tell me what has gone wrong with the very heart and soul of this country? Feeling “Majulah” yet?”

Ghazali was formerly a Senior Art Director for over 25-years, before he became a taxi driver 4 years ago.

A sad sight greeted me this sunday morning on my way back from the market at Bukit Merah. A very old lady who can barely…

Posted by Ghazali Sadip on Saturday, 5 March 2016