Old Chang Kee, bringing ‘karipaps’ all the way to London

Photo: Instagram/chang_wander

Old Chang Kee has just opened its first curry puff outlet in London, with their flagship outlet situated at Covent Garden.

Apparently, while there, Instagram user chang_wander said that a curry puff cost £2.80 (SGD4.98).

He also added that the store sells curry noodles as well, at £6.80 (SGD12.09).

The store also sells on of Singapore’s signature dishes in curry puff-form, a Chilli Crab Curry Puff, at £3.20 (SGD5.69).

Since their beginning in 1956, Old Chang Kee has expanded beyond just the shores of Singapore, to places such as Malaysia, Indonesia and even Australia, with more than 100 outlets altogether.

Since its opening in London on Saturday, many have taken to social media to rave about the curry puffs.

There was even mention of a pop-up stall that Old Chang Kee held previously in Kentish Town in north-west London last year, that was sold out within four hours.