ofo bicycles still everywhere, even the middle of the road

Photo: Facebook/ Vincent Yong Sheng

Facebook user Vincent Yong Sheng posted about how he almost crashed into ofo bicycles while making a U-turn early this morning.

The incident happened at Yishun Avenue 3, where the four ofo bicycles were strewn across the road.

In his post, Vincent angrily wrote, “To the brainless people who did this, you think it’s funny? What if it’s your family members get involve into this accident because of your doing? Good luck to you! Thanks ah bang who helped to move away the #Ofo bike away from road as well.
#LTA #Police Please investigate and catch the murderer. Location at Yishun Ave 3 towards Yishun Central.”

His post received over 400 shares, with netizens just furious as well.

This issue has been recurring despite Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s new licensing regime that was implemented in May.

According to LTA, “all bicycle-sharing operators are required to apply for a licence to operate in public places”.

They also added, “Operators will also have to get users to scan the unique QR code at the parking location as proof of proper parking before ending their trip. Operators who do not comply with these standards and conditions will face penalties”.

ofo also has a point system where responsible behaviour when it comes to the bicycles are rewarded and negligent behaviour has penalties awarded to the user. However, this does not seem to be harsh enough a deterrent.

Have shared bicycles become more of a hindrance than a help?