Official search for missing Singaporean diver ceases after 10 days


Official search efforts for Singaporean diver, Rinta Paul Mukkam, who was reported missing after failing to surface during a dive in Indonesia on 13 July, have been called off after 10 days. Search efforts, which involved 90 search and rescue personnel and continued for three additional days on top of the standard procedure of seven days, ceased yesterday.

Rinta, a 40-year-old associate regional sales manager, is said to be an experienced diver who was accompanied by 15 other divers who dived in the waters of Gili Lawa near Komodo Island in Indonesia.

Rinta’s family have offered a US$10,000 reward to those who might find her. They have, however, resigned all plans to extend their search further at this point. This is according to a family friend, Dr Rashmi Yash Paul, who added that she hopes locals in the area where Rinta vanished will “bear Rinta in mind.”

She added that local group Emergency Komodo will keep a look out for Rinta.

Rinta’s brother, Roy Paul Mukkam, and brother-in-law have returned to Singapore today after assisting in search operations in Indonesia. Roy had appealed to the public for information when Rinta was reported missing on July 13.

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