Featured News Official Report: MH370 likely broken-up into pieces

Official Report: MH370 likely broken-up into pieces




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The MH370 mystery remains unsolved after the release of an official report today in Malaysia.

The report did not contain anything new on the incident, except to the fact that it is now clear the plane exploded into pieces.

But whether it blew mid-air or while it nosedived in the ocean remains a mystery.

“Recovery of the cabin interior debris suggests that the aircraft was likely to have broken up.

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“However, there is insufficient information to determine if the aircraft broke up in the air or during impact with the ocean.

“Damage examination on the recovered part of the right outboard flap, together with the damage found on the right flaperon has led to the conclusion that the right outboard flap was most likely in the retracted position and the right flaperon was probably at, or close to, the neutral position at the time they separated from the wing.”

At this moment, there are no other explanations on what this means, that is the position of the flaperon.

Apart from the above, the report says, no other information about in-flight emergencies, aircraft configuration or the impact could be inferred from the nature and damage of the debris.

The report said MH370 did not carry any cargo classified as dangerous goods.

Two cargo items of interest (the Lithium ion Batteries and Mangosteens) which were carried on MH370 had also been transported via scheduled flights on MAS before and after the event.

“These items were packed and loaded according to standard operating procedures.”

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