Obesity among Malaysian children on the rise

Do you know that Malaysia has the dubious honour of being the most obese country in Asia, with an obesity rate of 45.3%?
Yep, 2014 findings from the British medical journal, The Lancet showed that 49% of our women and 44% of our men were obese.
These finding reflects a big problem, no pun intended, for our people.
Because it has implications on diabetes, heart problems, certain types of cancer, and
even depression, all of which could potentially be fatal.
It can also affect one’s physical movements, exacerbate existing spinal health problems,
mess up one’s hormonal cycles, and even affect something as basic as a good night’s sleep
when the girth gets in the way of a proper restful posture, choking one’s airway and leading to sleep apneas.
What’s more worrying is that obesity among Malaysian children are also on the rise.
This calls for early awareness programmes or interventions to help set our children on heal
their nutritional paths.
The health concerns are real and they need to be tackled today.
“We believe Malaysians must do something about their health and we believe healthier eating and drinking habits, while getting the right nutrients, is the best way to start,” JUICE WORK SAID.
And it doesn’t have to be a whole lot of inconvenience too.
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