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Obamas waltz with 106-year-old, Lee Hsien Loong has warm moment with Samsui woman, while Najib…




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The story of the 106-year-old Virginia McLaurin turning a White House Visit into a dance party has taken the Internet by storm.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=ceSCqpG9Z_Q”]Mrs McLaurin said she was very happy to meet the United States’ first black president and his “black” wife, all while holding Obama and Michelle’s hands. Unable to contain her excitement Mrs McLaurin held her arms in the air and danced excitedly when introduced to the American President and First Lady.
A video posted of the 106-year-old’s visit to the White House shows Ms McLaurin tell Mr Obama, “It’s an honour” before eagerly making her way over to Mrs Obama, prompting the President to tell her “slow down now, don’t go too quick, she’s 106!”
The Obamas, then danced away with Ms McLaurin before she told the 54-year-old: “I thought I would never get in the White House.”
It’s so heartwarming to see an elderly woman dance away with the a man who holds the highest office in that land.
What about in Singapore? Has our Prime Minister ever had such a moment with the older folks here?
A Google search of words ‘Lee Hsien Loong + elderly woman‘ shows that there were a few times when our PM has had warm moments with older people.
Like this:
samsui womanWhere he met a 87-year-old samsui woman.
And all of these on Google Images:
LHLoldwomanSure it’s not quite waltzing like the Obamas, but it’s way better than Najib Razak.
A Google search of words ‘Najib Razak + elderly woman‘ shows nothing much. But one particular picture among the many searched images, stood out.

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