NUSWhisperer calls girlfriend who had FWBs “selfish” and an SPG; debate flares up on confession page


With our culture transitioning and gender roles shifting, millennials experience conflicting views on contemporary definitions of companionship. 

On Saturday (23 September), at NUSWhisper, an NUS confession page, a male anonymous contributor expressed anxieties over the fact that his girlfriend used to have friends with benefits (FWBs), despite she has done all she could to put an end to the past.

Debate on the topic flares up after another male NUSWhisperer responds and calls women who are promiscuous “selfish” and his own girlfriend who once dated a Caucasian an SPG (Sarong Party Girl, a derogatory term for women who date white men exclusively) on Sunday (24 September).

The apparent prejudice with generalisation and labelling has agitated many, particularly because the post implies a dyed-in-the-wool misogyny.

On Monday, a female NUSWhisperer has bashed in a post, categorising him as one of the”insecure modern day boys” for neglecting “ongoing pain” they have caused. She also highlights how men tend to objectify women because of their past or their choice over their partners’ races. However, she ends up labelling and generalising local men as “self-entitled, narrow-minded, judgemental and immature a**holes.”

Many guys are unconvinced, believing girls who have had FWBs and ONS (one night stand) are good for “fun” only.

Here’s another one (LTR stands for long term relationship).

And we also see another more in-depth interpretation by analogy with robbery, as both FWB and robbery are “immoral” behaviours except robbery is illegal.

Female contributors also do not call it quits in the ferocious battle.


To end the conflict on a peaceful note, a neutral post that has gained the highest number of  positive reactions on NUSWhispers Facebook page is shown below:







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