Number of injured commuters rise as another wild boar causes second accident in past 2 days


Three more commuters were injured this morning after a second wild boar suddenly emerged on Lentor Avenue this morning, causing a traffic accident between two cars and a van.

All three individuals, who are between the ages of 17 and 53, were conveyed by emergency responders to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital after they complained of minor back pain. The condition of the wild boar is unknown – it was last seen lying motionless on the ground, but there is no news as to whether the beast survived the collision.

⚠️Another wild boar accident just now 8+am ..lentor to ys before expressway.. caused massive jamUsed to Attack people.. now so daring walked out till road and caused accident

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Just one day ago, two more people were injured after a wild boar appeared at the Ayer Rajah Expressway, after Tuas Checkpoint. Both individuals were hospitalised and the boar was found dead on the spot.

Accident involving a motorcycle and a wild boar at Tuas checkpoint (arrival) , 500m after custom at the merger lane…

Posted by Singapore No.1 All in One Sharing / Updates on Thursday, 28 September 2017

Police investigations are ongoing.


  1. WTF do you expect?? MIWs want to shoehorn 6.9 million people into this island leading to the clearing of land for housing. This displaces the wildlife who emerge onto urban terrain!

  2. 70% of the human population already celebrated her rise to presidency. So you guys just be cool and keep off the roads ok? Don’t get so excited.
    She got traffic police to escort her on the road but you guys doesn’t.
    Be safe, stay within your habitat.

  3. Because every green patch is wiped out by this greedy govt. Doesnt matter is office buildings are empty, warehouses empty, condos empty , just sell the land n burn it somewhere in the name of investment. Dont talk about wildlife, people are getting stressed. They cant even give good jobs , they keep adding population. GDP looks growing but people are facing the same situation. Few getting very rich n many falling off. Where have space for wild boars?

  4. Just round up the boars, send all of them in to sanctuary or fends them all safe with freedoms and with food.
    I am saying for both mankinds and animals to come to good terms and for many good years to come.
    The boars on this land are less aggressive compared to many other places on earth. It’s because the boars realizes they are fairly treated as those, the humans, who are living and staying with.

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