NTUC Members polled: Majority against GST hike


By: Obbana Rajah

Earlier this week, results of a poll conducted within the National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) was anonymously revealed through WhatsApp.

According to the source, there were more than 300 leaders of NTUC who took part, with about 440 responses received.

The results were not entirely favourable towards the proposed increased in the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

According to the poll, 73.8% said ‘No’, when asked if GST should be raised, another 16.3% said ‘Maybe’ and 9.9% said ‘Yes’.

Out of those who were for an increase in GST, 51.2% said that a 1% increase would be acceptable, with another 27.9% being for a 2% increase.

Those who were against an increase in GST were asked to suggest other possible ways in which the government could balance spending and revenue. The top 3 on their list was to tax the rich, reduce expenditure and to cut the salary of high-ranking government officers and ministers.

Those who took part in the poll also expressed that should the GST be increased, the government can help low earners through rebates and GST vouchers, proposed measures during the Budget Speech 2018.


  1. Whether the survey was done or not, it doesn’t matter, this will be a veri very hot potato …..facts must be laid out clearly to justify the increase in GST, the cost of living (house, medical, education, transport, water/elect bills, town council fee, etc etc) is already taboleh tahan for average people!
    The Government must double think twice twice, double check and check whether there’s any other better ways and not just simply increase GST.
    When the people THINK it is not acceptable, they’ll disrupt the governing system and that’s where the system will collapse and cause further kiosk and further damages to the country, survival will be a problems and don’t even talk about whatever reserves you want to build for the future generation to enjoy.
    You need to steady the boat and don’t cause it to sink. What is the point of keep piling up for future and nobody enjoying the fruits? So long as we build a sustainable economy and not splurging our reserves built up. Government and the think tank must think hard on ways to sustain our economy! You are paid million dollars to do the job for Singapore and her people!

  2. Ok… so what???! What’s the point of taking a poll to show that supporters of MIW are against the GST hike? So it’ll appease non-supporters that supporters do not support every policy made by their masters? It’s gonna happen regardless of some stupid poll, right? Sigh…. f-ing waste of time and resources.