NTUC Foodfare customer is served raw chicken and treated nonchalantly when he tries to return the food


A netizen has accused a Japanese and Korean food stall at an NTUC Foodfare food court of serving him raw chicken.

The netizen, Facebook user Yat Yat, said that he had gone to the foodcourt at the NTUC Hub at Joo Koon during lunch today and had ordered a salmon and teriyaki chicken set.

It was only when Yat Yat dug into his food that he found that the teriyaki chicken was raw.

When the customer went back to the stall to point the serious issue out to the stall employees, he was treated nonchalantly and the stall employee simply replaced the raw chicken piece on his plate with another chicken piece.

Disappointed, Yat Yat took to Facebook to warn others to be cautious and check their food before consumption, to avoid serious repercussions like food poisoning:


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