Health & Fitness NTU, NUS expel 2 foreign students for breaking 14-day Covid-19 orders

NTU, NUS expel 2 foreign students for breaking 14-day Covid-19 orders

Each student had also made a false travel declaration to the institution concerned




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Singapore — Two universities here have expelled a foreign student each for not complying with measures to stop the spread of Covid-19.

In the latest case on Tuesday (March 10), according to, the Nanyang Technological University expelled an international postgraduate student from its National Institute of Education for breaching his 14-day Stay Home Notice (SHN). He had also repeatedly provided false information about his travel movements.

In the earlier case, the National University of Singapore (NUS) expelled a foreign student from its exchange programme after she violated her 14-day mandatory Leave of Absence (LOA). She was also found to have fabricated her recent travel declaration.

According to a report by, Associate Professor and Dean of Students Leong Ching said on Sunday (March 8) that the NUS had acted because the student had violated the precautionary measure implemented amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. “The Board of Discipline has terminated her Student Exchange Programme with NUS and she will return to her home university,” she said.

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Although NUS did not disclose the student’s country of origin, the name of her home university and how she violated the LOA, it has sent the student back with a corresponding official report of her violation.

According to, just last month, an NUS student also found to have violated the LOA was suspended after showing up for class.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education is urging students not only to follow the measures put in place for the safety of the public but also to exhibit responsibility by reporting any violations. Although people under the LOA are mandated to stay in their homes for a total of 14 days, they are allowed to step out for a short period of time, only to get necessary supplies or to take care of urgent matters. However, those issued the SHN must remain at their residence at all times for 14 days. /TISG

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