NS recruits cooling down with ice water during field camp raises eyebrows


Those of you who have gone through national service will know how “siong” (tough) a field camp is. It is one of those experiences which leave a lasting impact on you, along with lots of memories for later years to reminisce about.

Field camps are tough because they last several days, such as what Leopard Company at the Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) went through earlier this month. In such trainings, it is important to follow the TSR, or “Training Safety Regulations”.

In Singapore, especially, the weather can be a challenge, even for civilians who are under comfortable shelter, let alone soldiers in the field under the blazing sun and unforgiving heat.

It is perhaps because of this that the recruits of Leopard Company were allowed to cool down with buckets of ice water as “an additional measure” to make sure they do not get heat stroke.

BMTC posted a photo of this on its Facebook page on Monday.

The photo drew some laughs and ridicule.

“Wow the buckets are so nice now and the ice water so much cleaner,” said James Lce.

“War time where to find lce water?” asked Bronson Teo.

“What the f*** why we got no ice water to cool down one?????” asked Gustav Yap Puay Tong.

“Wa so good now ah? Got ice cold water during field camp,” said Lim Wee Liang.

Some were envious, saying the recruits have a “good life”, while others ridiculed them as “snowflakes”.

But let’s give the boys a break. NS is tough business, and our kind of weather doesn’t help. Whatever keeps them safe, let’s support.

Stay safe, guys!