NParks apologises for “inappropriate language” used towards feedback provider


NParks has apologised for using “inappropriate language” towards feedback provider Dixon Liw in a statement released yesterday.

A staff from NParks outright accused Liw as someone who is “out to find trouble with NParks,” simply because he tried to highlight an issue which posed a potential safety hazard to pedestrians in his area.

Liw first discovered that tree pruning in his area may have led to damages on drain coverings when he saw significantly marred drain covers with tree parts lodged between the grates of the drains while he was on his regular jogging route.

He alerted the National Environment Agency and Land Transport Authority to the matter, following which LTA took action and fixed the issue.

However, the same thing happened again during the next tree pruning.

This time, Liw emailed the National Parks Board and he was CC-ed in a reply openly accusing him of being a troublemaker. The staff who wrote the email, a Sawinikasni bin Awi who appeared to be a manager at NParks, then interrogated Liw about how he can be so sure that it was the tree pruning that led to the damaged drain covers.

NParks’ deputy chief executive Leong Chee Chiew apologised to Liw, saying that the staff who wrote to Liw has been counselled:

“The National Parks Board (NParks) is aware of this incident, and has contacted Mr Dixon Liw to apologise for our staff’s inappropriate language. We have also counselled the staff involved regarding his attitude towards the feedback provider.
“NParks recognises that feedback from the public helps us to manage our green spaces better, and we appreciate the effort Mr Liw took to alert us to the damaged drain gratings.”

The drain covers have supposedly been repaired today.


  1. Ok lah, some people are simply not tactful. Must send to this course: WSQ Communicate and Relate Effectively at the Workplace, lah. However, I have to give credit to Nparks for its efficiency to response to my feedback regarding tree branch falling. They did reacted and cleared the problem within 24 hours. Well done!

  2. So can you imagine what is going on in all these government agencies? A lot of crap man. They can’t take feedback and complaints. They get upset and offended. Ridiculous ain’t it? Then wtf is the One Service app for you bluddy idiots???

  3. SOP ….counselled…. taxi driver..bus driver…lta attendant….cisco….if the workers dont perform..sack the ceo…he makes the big bucks….

  4. I suspect the tree pruning contractor n NEA officers/admin are possibly beholding to each other. If a member expresses concern in writing several occasions, there must be a concern of some nature – public officers like our ministers n MP (incl. PM Lee) forget who they serve or who pays their bloody salaries. This manager n his department should be investigated to ensure there is no ‘beholding’ practices hidden.

  5. Have you heard this saying ” gaji ribu ribu, Kerja tipu tipu. Gaji juta juta, Kerja buta buta”. This is the situation post LKY. If he still around sure kaput. During his time even a housefly flew in front of him while he spoke, officers would be taken to task. His no nonsense stance has built a vibrant Singapore what it is today.

  6. Hahaha, The ruling regime feedback units completely defunct after 70% Singaporeans voted for them. A good sign of a failing government. Singaporeans asked for it.

  7. It is shocking to hear that NPark staff have such attitude. I can understand the stress the statutory staff may be going through and I think a proper customer service training program will help them to be more tactful. BTW, I do come across some statutory staff from PUB, LTA, SLA, SPF, among other to be very professional in their work and dealing with the public.

  8. There are two main items to raise here

    1. I think the ministry get the issue wrong. It is not the language but the plain laziness of the public sectors. Without checking the fact, such statement had been given so recklessly. How could we give faith to the public sector.

    2. Is counseling appropriate for this situation? What is the SOP for punishing such act? And had the problem that the user raise been resolved?

  9. Honestly they have pee brains at various authorities. I complained abt a private nursing home and the authority submitted my original communication to the home without even an investigation into my complaint. Brilliant authorities exist in this wonderful island. No IQ EQ.

  10. Yes! Wat sort of councelling ???? No need councelling that guy got no EQ in handling and responding matters relating to public safety. So, why wait etradicate him out from your department. So simple and do you need people to advice you wat to do???

  11. That worthless piece of shit sawinikasni should be sacked…..what counselled…..he should be made to kneel down and kowtow to apologize to all taxpayers who pays his salary….people give proper feedback he call make trouble….

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