NParks accuses man of being troublemaker after he submits feedback about hazardous damaged drains


In replying to a Singapore resident’s complaint about damaged drain covers due to tree pruning in his area, NParks outright accused the man as someone who is “out to find trouble with NParks.”

All the man did was try to highlight an issue which posed a potential safety hazard to pedestrians in his area.

Dixon Liw first discovered that tree pruning in his area may have led to damages on drain coverings when he saw significantly marred drain covers with tree parts lodged between the grates of the drains while he was on his regular jogging route.

He alerted the National Environment Agency and Land Transport Authority to the matter, following which LTA took action and fixed the issue.

However, the same thing happened again during the next tree pruning.

This time, Dixon emailed the National Parks Board and he was CC-ed in a reply openly accusing him of being a troublemaker. The staff who wrote the email, a Sawinikasni bin Awi who appears to be a manager at NParks, then interrogated Dixon about how he can be so sure that it was the tree pruning that led to the damaged drain covers.

This unexpected reply contradicts the fact that the onus of proving what the cause of damages to such property is lies with Governmental agencies like NParks.

In a subsequent Facebook post, Dixon questioned the state of public service in Singapore given this is how feedback is addressed by a government body.

He also reminded others of the Brompton bike saga that NParks was embroiled in two years ago, in 2014, when charges of corruption were leveled against NParks officials for concealing a S$57,200 deal to buy 26 Brompton bikes.

following my complain on the 2nd round of tree pruning damages (yes they came again), Nparks basically said i am out to…

Posted by Dixon Liw on Monday, 17 July 2017


  1. Forward this email to Minister of National Development. Soon a fast & furious reply will come. The damage was mostly due to front tyre or the side stabiliser of the lorry mounted boom.

  2. Cj Leo, this np staff is of pap material, can say dumb things and don’t face any punishment but get promotion, could possibly be hand picked by the dishonorable loong for next election .

  3. Our public service lost the heart. Becos it is run by people who do well at A levels but want to Ensure risk free career becos the jobs pay well whilst many in the private sector are being retrenched.

  4. No la, most likely cause by the otter and their family trying to climb out from the drain due to heavy rain. It’s ponding and they can’t breath inside ma…Npark officer Hor!

  5. Angry ! This is papies high pay high class 1st world civil servant standard! Vomit! If the top beam is not straight, the lower beams will be crooked.


  6. The fact of the matter is, regardless whether if it’s damaged by tree pruning or not, the respective agencies should look into it and replace the damage covers to prevent any mishaps.

  7. That is bad if it is real … how could a civil servant send that reply ? … we that tax payers are paying his salaries ….
    – have they lax in their job ?

    – just like during raining … no officers are out checking on lapses. We see so many area having tree down , water ponding etc etc … for years and they out during good weather and report all ok ! …. great job great nation !

  8. Yes, NParks, LTA, SLA, URA are the departments who dislike feedbacks and they will asked many irrelevant questions to see how to refer the feedback giver to another department. When I was in the service, we are briefed about “no close door” policy. Even the matter is outrightly not our concern, we will take down the request and refer on behalf of the feedback provider. But today, too many scholars heading the departments and ‘pushing away’ is their strategy!

  9. What happens to the ” No wrong department” policy where govt departments are supposed to help public to redirect complaints and feedback sent to them due to ignorance or by mistake? Kept in cold storage?

  10. This is normal, u will find lots of this defect everywhere and they did nothing to repair it. Wait until someone injured badly or die from this hazard.

  11. Aiyo. Such a big organization like “National Park” and also PAP allow such employee to tarnish its reputation of good works. He is an employee. Just replace and sack him. Get someone qualify to do the job. There are many waiting and love his kind of job. Come on be pragmatic.

  12. This is how govt works after LKY is gone. Good luck 70% dumb ass. Lol. We are sure to be 3rd world very soon. Thanks to all your popular votes. Your kids will help u celebrate and thank u for it in future. Lol

  13. It is same everywhere and every level of the present administration. If feedback is given they tell you to leave the country if you don’t like the system. Very weird way of dealing with issues.

    • There is no loyalty in the global age. You are free to decide the country most suitable for your likes and comfort. My squad mate migrated to UK after 4 years with SPF. I asked him for his feedbacks. 1st answer: Freedom. I am still wondering what he meant by that! Recently, he has cancer. So, he was telling me, he is fully cared for by the system. That I can appreciate. Next, he is retired and on welfare. That I like.

    • The global age is the biggest scam in centuries where loyalty is only to Money. Unscrupulous, no dignity, integrity or empathy. Survival of the biggest BS. Obama, Merkel, EU and MIW top the list.

  14. Just reply that ” we will look into the matter and investigate “.. simple. Why need to reply in such manner ? NEA should educate the staff on responding to feedback and complaints.

  15. I have nothing against Npark but just a few days ago, I witnessed contractors trimming trees at Bedok Ria crescent park in front of my house using a “cherry picker” in the park. After the contractors left, I noticed the pavement in the park where the vehicle was driven through were broken up. I think this is rather irresponsible.

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