International World Not reported by ST - Taiwan residents "fire" missiles at SG flag...

Not reported by ST – Taiwan residents “fire” missiles at SG flag asking SAF to get out of ROC




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It was reported in Taiwan news last month (27 Mar 2017) that Taiwanese villagers, fed up with the continual presence of SAF troops training in their Hsinchu County, staged a public protest asking SAF to get out of Taiwan.

They were shouting, “Starlight troops get out (星光部隊滾出去)!”

The villagers are angry that their land has been acquired without compensation to allow SAF to use as artillery range. They also complained about the disruptions in their life from SAF artillery training exercises.
In addition, the presence of SAF in Hsinchu has severely restricted local development in the area, the villagers said.

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On 27 Mar, the villagers went to ROC Army 6th Corps Hukou Camp to stage a formal protest outside, venting their frustrations.

During the protest, they symbolically fired 2 “populace anger missiles (民怨飛彈)” at the flag of Singapore to express their dissatisfaction with the SAF.
A Taiwanese military personnel went to receive their protest letter and promised to look into the matter.

The villagers then proceed to Taipei to stage a similar protest in front of the Singapore Representative Office at 85 Jen-Ai Road, Taipei.

Republished from the FB page ‘We want Minister Grace Fu to resign‘.

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