Home News No unity in opposition? "There absolutely is," says Lim Tean

No unity in opposition? “There absolutely is,” says Lim Tean

Parties are united behind a single message of putting the people first




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People’s Voice founder Lim Tean says there is no discord among Singapore’s opposition parties. “Don’t think that there is no unity in the opposition,” he said. “I’m telling you — there absolutely is!”

Mr Lim on Friday (May 15) published a video on Facebook which addressed doubts over opposition parties being united against the ruling People’s Action Party.

*****There Absolutely IS Unity in the Opposition******Singapore's opposition landscape has never been so vibrant and…

Posted by Lim Tean on Thursday, 14 May 2020

He said: “You know the PAP supporters and their Internet brigade are always trying to sow doubt and discord in the minds of the electorate by suggesting there is disunity in the opposition because there are so many opposition parties.

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“That is a complete fallacy. Today, the opposition landscape cannot be more vibrant. It cannot be more invigorating.”

Mr Lim mentioned issues on which there was unity among the opposition parties: On the People’s Voice messages of “Putting People First” and “Making Singapore Our Home Again”.  He expressed delight at the Singapore Democratic Party’s inclusion of “Putting People First” in its election campaign message as well as the Progress Singapore Party’s call on the Government to take care of Singaporeans first.

“It is a similar message and so, my friends, the opposition are united behind a single message of putting people first,” he said. “It is a message that the PAP can never come up with or even conceive of, because for them, it has never been about putting people first. It has been about putting their own people first.”

Mr Lim also made reference to Reform Party leader Kenneth Jeyaretnam and his advocacy of returning Central Provident Fund (CPF) sums to members when they turn 55. “That is a core value of People’s Voice,” he said. “It is a value that is also shared by the SDP. And many of us are agreed that there should be 0 GST levied on basic living goods as well as saying ‘no’ to a 10 million population.”

Mr Lim issued a call for Singaporeans to continue to demand change in the nation, as doing so would aid in driving the opposition’s causes forward. “As more and more people come forward and demand change in our nation, political change, the numbers and the abilities of the opposition parties will expand and grow.” /TISG

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