“No need to talk so much” – Ban Heng restaurant manager aggressively confronts patrons who refuse to pay after receiving stale food


Footage capturing a confrontation between a manager at the Ban Heng Pavilion restaurant at Harbourfront and a group of patrons has been trending online since last week.

Photos and a video capturing the incident was originally posted online by Facebook user Paul Ang Saint who is believed to be involved in the confrontation. Although Ang subsequently removed his original post, several screenshots of the post and video copies have been circulating online.

The confrontation allegedly occurred after the customers refused to pay for their meal after they received stale food. However, Ang says that the credit card was already on the cashier’s table and that the staff threatened that they will sue the group if they do not pay up immediately:

“Violent act in service line! We were served with stale prawn and stale Orh Nee, and when we complained about it to the management, the attitude from them was unimaginable! 
“C’mon … the credit card is already on the cashier table! And yet the lady manager threatened our sister to pay up immediately or they will sue us!”

In the video, the staff who appears to be a manager can be seen confronting the group as a member of the patron group is filming the exchange. Threatening to call the police if the patrons do not pay, the manager says “It’s very simple, no need to talk so much” before he tries to grab the phone of the man who is filming.

When the person who is filming tells the manager that he just used force and tried to damage his phone, another man who appears to be a staffer pulls the manager away and urges the group to calm down, apologising on behalf of the manager.


  1. Once, my coulleauges ordered Thai food and that food is terrible. Both of them felt shy to complain, but when I taste their food, immediately took it to the chef saying the food is not right. He challenged me and I asked him why don’t you taste it. After tasting he apologies and pc changed it.

    That is what u should do, not good complain or call health inspection.

  2. Though the restaurant manager should handle the situation more professionally
    He has the RIGHT to disallow filming because is a PRIVATE property

    Patron can Sue the manager if phone is damaged
    The restaurant can Sue patrons if business has been affected by this video

  3. GST SYSTEM will cause more restaurants to close down sooner or later, leading to the rise in unemployment rate!
    What is the point of raising our retirement age to 67 when there are no jobs available for senior citizens except MacDonald???

  4. I’m sure they ate more than just 2 dishes that they claim is stale. They can reject food that’s not of acceptable quality but not refuse to pay for the meal after consuming it. They probably have the ala carte buffet, which is very good value.

  5. Eat finish then Complain! Just pay up ! Typical SG style! Not only this industry even other trades also. refuse to pay n kena vedio still complain…any dispute just settle why sue the Manager ..he hv a job to do. Better to see what or who is Right n Public can Judge. No fake news!

  6. My parents had chosen Ban Heng to celebrate their birthdays for decades with 4 tables but we are very happy with the foods and service, therefore I will not listen to one side of the story!
    If that dish is stale, then they can inform the captain to change but why refuse to pay after finishing all the dishes?
    Shanmugam will set new policy to arrest those who video to social media to harm the reputation of others!

  7. They can always ask for the food to be changed. No such thing as dont like can happy happy dont pay. His grandfather restaurant ah? Unless restaurant refused to change the stale food then call police on ur own, dont create a scene la.. No point what.

  8. First of all, this Uncle or Aunty eye lashes is so nice n neat. Second of all, why eat aldy Khaw Bei Khaw bu lei. So what your card is on the table? Does it mean you allow the card to be swipe and bill? Lastly, why is there a need to cam n post FB lei? Make yourself famous or nuts?

  9. If i am the manager, i would give them a good discount, take a group picture with them together with the empty dishes on the table and post on social media…with the following..

    cheap and classless restaurant goers complained food is not fresh but finished all the food and ask for discount…

  10. Some Singaporeans behave like service staff are their slaves because they are customers.

    The manager and staff should take out their phones and film the group as well. They wanna name and shame right, well, it goes both ways. They can warn other restaurants how unreasonable and unruly the group can be and refuse their business!

    Stay calm and react appropriately.