“No need to talk so much” – Ban Heng restaurant manager aggressively confronts patrons who refuse to pay after receiving stale food


Footage capturing a confrontation between a manager at the Ban Heng Pavilion restaurant at Harbourfront and a group of patrons has been trending online since last week.

Photos and a video capturing the incident was originally posted online by Facebook user Paul Ang Saint who is believed to be involved in the confrontation. Although Ang subsequently removed his original post, several screenshots of the post and video copies have been circulating online.

The confrontation allegedly occurred after the customers refused to pay for their meal after they received stale food. However, Ang says that the credit card was already on the cashier’s table and that the staff threatened that they will sue the group if they do not pay up immediately:

“Violent act in service line! We were served with stale prawn and stale Orh Nee, and when we complained about it to the management, the attitude from them was unimaginable! 
“C’mon … the credit card is already on the cashier table! And yet the lady manager threatened our sister to pay up immediately or they will sue us!”

In the video, the staff who appears to be a manager can be seen confronting the group as a member of the patron group is filming the exchange. Threatening to call the police if the patrons do not pay, the manager says “It’s very simple, no need to talk so much” before he tries to grab the phone of the man who is filming.

When the person who is filming tells the manager that he just used force and tried to damage his phone, another man who appears to be a staffer pulls the manager away and urges the group to calm down, apologising on behalf of the manager.