Nicole Seah joins the Workers’ Party; draws mixed reactions from netizens


Former National Solidarity Party (NSP) candidate Nicole Seah appears to have joined the only opposition party elected into parliament presently, the Workers’ Party.

The 30-year-old, who made waves when she contested the 2011 General Election at the young age of 24, was recently spotted participating in WP walkabouts in East Coast GRC and at a door-to-door food distribution exercise in Bedok earlier this year.

She began volunteering with the WP’s media team following the last General Election, which she did not contest. She has also been credited with writing parts of the WP’s 60th anniversary book that was released in November this year.

Seah left her former party in 2014, commenting that her job was done. She later indicated that her entry into politics had emotionally scarred her, earning the sympathy of several netizens.

Seah’s re-entry into politics and involvement with the WP has been met with mixed reactions. Some encouraged Seah and predicted that she will perform better in the next General Election, if she chooses to contest under the WP ticket:

Others were less generous and questioned her motives for joining the WP, after her extended silence on socio-political issues here:

Some also opined that the WP may drag Seah down with it, given persistent town council management issues it deals with – especially with the ongoing $33 million Aljunied-Hougang Town Council lawsuit:

Former WP politician Goh Meng Seng echoed such sentiments and told journalists:

“There is no doubt that she has charisma. But given that the WP is struggling to hold on to Aljunied GRC, where it is the incumbent, it is unlikely she can help them take East Coast.”


  1. I believe in her commitment, potential and ability, and I believe in her having and making a positive impact for the opposition and for WP, and most importantly for Singapore and Singaporeans.

    • Opportunists galore in the PAP camp, such as OYK (Aljunied to Sembawang), Desmond Choo (Hougang to the East), David Ong (Kreta Ayer grassroots to BB), KPK (Son of Punggol to AMK), Murali (BB to Aljunied & back to BB again), Victor Lye (ownself declare ownself Aljunied Advisor) etc….too many superwhite opportunists to count.

  2. I support her to kick pap out of parliament. PAP is doing harm to our country. They are a bunch of traitors. I need her to enter parliament and kick those traitors ass.

  3. With Ms.Nicole Seah’s wits and intelligence she certainly would be a plus point for WP.
    Perhaps Ms. Nicole Seah joining the WP would find the WP a more viable political platform to champion the course of Singaporean. It is a good political marriage in the making .
    Give her the chance to work for the good of Singaporean and democracy its’ rightful place .
    All the best to WP & Ms.Nicole Seah ! ☝️☀️

  4. Ppls speak against her commitment are all mainly pap IB. We already seen these works of pap IB engaged to destroy the opposition party for their pap god survival or their incompetence to be challenged

  5. Opportunist? What does she gain from joining opposition? Opportunist? I would suggest they Join PAP, lots of opportunities and benefits joining PAP……a lot of gains in kind!!!! ✌️remember? The PM has to BUY over his supporters, perhaps using Singaporean taxpayer money, WP? How to buy?! where got the money?!

    • Sivaramalingam Puthusamy opportunists mean they get or grab whatever presents them with an opportunity for fame, recognition, whatever. White party included, non-white parties included, Also, you do not own TISG last i checked so if you cannot ban me from this page, you have no right to tell me to STFU.

    • Didn’t she want to go into acting? What happened to that? How come now join back politics? Thought she wanted to quit? Come to think of it, i stand corrected. She’s not an opportunist. She’s a dilettante.

  6. Politics like everything else is about finding the right opportunities. But the negative connotation of Opportunists should be reserved for the likes of SDP. Making mountains out of molehills and taking the piss on everything they can find. Eventually you realise you cross the boundary of political differences and into the realm of cry babies.

  7. If Tan Jee Say can do It, so can Nicole! Just hope she doesn’t have another breakdown…politics from within is oftentimes more intense than partisan politics.

  8. Goes without saying the reactions will be mixed – unless you expect the IBs to roll out the red carpet for her to join the WP. We all know gov-sg is now trying very hard to destroy the WP with trumped up charges – just imagine if they can fabricate 1,300 pages of arguments against Li Shengwu for his private FB post they can make up 1.3 million pages against the WP over the TC case

  9. Just ignore the all the hypocrites with their criticisms & do what u think is right. Follow your heart & they can’t touch u even if they try. All if them typical Kiasu Singaporeans with no principles. Shameful & disgusting. Don’t worry I will always support & respect because u have a good & sincere heart.

  10. She has a good personality and speaks well! In the 2011 GE, she impressed many with her speeches and drew a lot of crowd and supporters. Is an asset to WP! Bet you, this has sent shivers to the present whiter than whites in Marine Parade GRC!

  11. To anyone that brands her an opportunist, do you actually think politics is altruistic by nature? Does it sound like charity to you? Don’t be daft la. Nothing intelligent to say don’t say… end up looking stupid only

  12. Everyone is a opportunist whether working class, politicians or investors etc those join the PAP coming election is a opportunist lok at those in the PAP wards so many opportunists do we heard any of them after election

  13. Branded as an “opportunist” come on what’s there to gain in Singapore politics. Do you like been scrutinised 24 hours, every personal details, and they are ready to knock on door at 3am. Respect your choice. Good job

  14. People have their own opinion. If she is committed and is dedicated to fight for the people’s rights, I will support her. She have the intelligence and confidence to engage in parliament. Do your best for the people because we need more people like you.

  15. I believe she is really sincere in speaking out for the people, whether she’ll change later is hard to tell, but for now, we should all give her a chance and the benefits of doubt

  16. In life whatever we do, we we can’t please everybody. Whatever we do, so long as we can account for our conscience, we should go ahead come what may!

  17. Don’t know why some crazy people brand her opportunistic . Do you want to join a winning team or losing team. Do you want to join a team of prospects or a team of list cause. Do you Singaporeans want to live in Singapore or live in a conflict torn area. It is individual freedom of choice !

  18. Well done Nicole Seah u have lots of potential to offer Singaporeans the alternatives we badly need to fight this lopsided political climate.May God guide n Bless You always.

  19. If she is opportunist, she should have joined PAP. Being PAP MP, not only malu companies high tender Govt projects will give you director post, your spouse will get good position as well.
    Don’t mention if become Minister.
    So its these people stupid, or its Nicole Seah is stupid?

  20. Regardless. If she can add value to the political landscape which ever party does not matter. What matters if the party she chooses must align with her believes. You go girl and make Singapore politics more vibrant and make a difference.

  21. Let’s face it. No matter how good you are but as long as you don’t get voted into the House, what is the use of the “Good” ?

    PAP is simply too strong and dominating from the sky to the ground.

  22. Very interesting to see the responses from the IBs.

    If its the incumbent party there are no treatment of using double standards but when it comes people who join or are helping the Opposition party, oh all the naysayers all come out to criticise and talk shit and trash about Singaporeans trying to serve Singapore via the opposition party.

    Those who criticise NS so much, go and serve and stop your trash talk. Go and be grassroot leaders or whatever bakes your cake.

    But those who criticise her because she works or sides with an opposition party you guys got jokes man, you are neither here nor there.

    If she joins the white party, you will all say that she has no party loyalty or switch sides for power and easy access. If she supports the opposition you all say she is an opportunist.

    God! You guys are pretentious always having something bad to say about fellow Singaporeans trying to serve their country.

    Always talking down to those trying to serve via the opposition party.

    What the hell is your problem?!

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