“Never be afraid to fight for what is right” – Tan Cheng Bock to Singaporeans on National Day


Dr Tan Cheng Bock has released a special National Day message to all Singaporeans on his Facebook page.

The politician, who is still awaiting judgement on his appeal against the upcoming reserved presidential election, acknowledged that he has had an eventful year but that he believes that all he has done has been for the good of the nation.

Here is his heartwarming message in full:

“Dear Singaporeans,

“This year has been an eventful year for me. In all that I have done, I believe that it has been for the good of our country. I want future generations to be proud of Singapore and all its achievements. Let us have the courage to stand up for our convictions. Never be afraid to fight for what is right. We all want the best for our nation.

“I look forward to celebrating National Day with my family and friends, and enjoying my grandchildren.

“My family and I wish you all a Happy National Day.”

Happy National Day 2017Dear Singaporeans,This year has been an eventful year for me. In all that I have done, I…

Posted by Dr Tan Cheng Bock on Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Court of Appeal reserves judgement in Tan Cheng Bock’s appeal against reserved presidential election



  1. Let nothing frighten you!
    Let nothing disturb you !
    We must stand united and not be disheartened by the darkness surrounding us
    We must not be fooled by the things we see on the surface!
    Let us wait in hope as peace and justice cannot be attained by silencing the voice of truth!
    Read Haggai 2:22

  2. At least someone challenge the government. If you call him a hero then you are big trouble if there is a legal challenge. if he not not a hero then he waste money which he can use to pay COE,ERP,COE or go JB to top up his car. what do u think ?

  3. Why does the PAP doesn’t endorse Dr Tan? He was a PAP’s MP before he retired from the party. Is there a problem, if he is elected in? It is strange for PAP to go against its former member so strongly.. They keep choosing someone else…. hmmmm…… I salute Dr Tan for his conviction to stand up. God bless you, Dr Tan.

    • From your comment, it is clear that you may not be familiar with Singapore politics. Dr Tan, although is a PAP’s MP, tends to speak against policies that are not fair or biased towards the PAP on many occasions in parliament. As such, if he were to be elected as President, will be another President Ong’s style. This will create another backslash like what they experienced during President OJT, which they want to avoid.

      • Mark, concurred with u. The in-coming Indian President did not speak the manner like Dr Tan Cheng Bock in Parliament. Hence, there is a difference there lah.

    • In another word, a puppet president would be preferred. I recognise that the government do make good judgement call but not all the time. As such, a president like Dr Tan will most idea cause he would challenge the motion. If I am the ruling government, I would like to promote someone who is for me and not against me. Not someone who will wash my dirty linen in public and make me look bad. Anyway, all this is not for me to decide and is only my opinion and your opinion. There are always 3 truth, their truth, his truth and the real truth.

  4. Because he was not the yes bulldog PAP wanted men. I was wonder before the cheif Justice annouce the outcome of the Appeal The indian muslim already jump to conclusion she is the next president???No repect of our legal systems and Chief Justice No rule of Law?????

    • Enough is enough! That is why Li Sheng Wu stand up for Singaporeans and voice up that our government is pliant judiciary system!
      From my research, it means that our judiciary system is under the direction of one strong man!
      Let us bind the strong man by our sovereign votes in coming elections

    • Rule of law? Does it apply to singapore now? New Pap does not observe the rule of law. Be careful they will prosecute anyone according to their benefit if it makes them happy. We be 3rd world very soon.

  5. Basically, it is difficult to fight for what is right in Singapore! There are too many obstacles in Singapore society. E.g. Abuse of domestic helpers and the plight of low income individuals.

  6. Mr Tan C.B., kindly describe the Duties n Responsiblies of A President (of Singapore). This is to inform the Public so they know if He/She ( the President) has been doing their job correctly, and not being A “YES” Man/Woman.
    Let the Public be the Judge.
    If at all possible, translate it into the other Languages also. Thank You.

  7. Perhaps the reason why some of us keep quiet is fear (whether it’s the suggestion of fear or for real). As I’ve said one cannot keep the genie in the bottle for too long, the bottle might explode. So the dilemma is how to uncork the bottle and not have the contents do any damage.

  8. They will wait until the election is over den announce dat TCB is correct, shud b counted from OTC, anyway they will announce ” OK” it will apply the next cycle, win win

  9. Thank You Mr Tan Cheng Bock for give some greedy, still dreaming, stupid, have not wake up, n die hard people .

    Most Singapore know what you went through .you are still respected by many.

  10. @ The Independent Singapore: Dr Tan Cheng Bock should be highly commended for his principled stand and moral integrity. I’d just add: And, when we are WRONG, apologise sincerely and compensate if necessary. NO need to go to law as the DESPICABLE PM LHL and his bullying buffoons love to do to intimidate and subjugate the citizens. We PAY these bums and give them the privilege to govern. DON’T allow them to abuse the law and misuse taxpayers’ money for this disgusting behaviour.

  11. Times like today ! We need a President that can bring all people together, comfort the poor, concern the weak and encourage the families. I don’t know if check and balance, human rights, etc would work for the majority. Mane those English educated ones only ?

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