Netizens upset over Tan Chuan-Jin’s nomination as new Speaker of Parliament


By Phyllis Lee

On Tuesday, it was announced that Mr Tan Chuan-Jin will be nominated as the new Speaker of Parliament, following Mdm Halimah Yacob’s resignation to contest in this year’s Presidential Elections.

As the Speaker cannot be elected from members who are office holders, Mr Tan will resign as the Minister for Social and Family Development, said the Prime Minister’s Office.

After Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced the nomination on Facebook, Mr Tan responded with another post and publicly accepted the nomination.

Netizens have expressed their support for him, saying that he’ll do well in his new post.

However, many are saying that this nomination is akin to a demotion from his previous position as a Minister. Becoming the Speaker also means that Mr Tan will be taking a pay cut.

Nevertheless, it seems that Mr Tan still stands by the nomination and promised that he will do his best as the Speaker of Parliament.



  1. Pay cut? U kidding me? Even with the pay cut he is still being paid better than majority of the people and his pay alone can feed LOTS OF CARDBOARD PICKING OLD PEOPLE.

  2. It may be a good awakening and the Reality Check TCJ had to have, namely, that he is OBSCENELY overpaid! The reported half a million dollars or thereabout for the Speaker’s job that TCJ will be paid is already very attractive. To reiterate: PM LHL should be paid $600,000 a year. NO other claim payable. The perks that goes with the office stay. Ministers will get a proportion of his salary. NO, TCJ, you are still getting an EXCELLENT deal. If, however, you feel otherwise, try applying to work in the non-government related sector and get the feel of what the REAL World truly is!

    • Yes, Tet Choy Soon. You are spot on! PM LHL is incredibly stupid. He is only a Bantam weight in Boxing terms and yet he insulted the Heavy weight in President Xi JinPing of China. The latter sneezes and the dishonourable son will get pneumonia! It is a TRAGEDY that he is the PM of Singapore. We are paying millions for this idiot to ruin us!

    • @ Loke Fook Seng: Mee Siam Mai Hum? But, please be warned: The longer he hangs on The MORE HARM will be inflicted on the citizenry! I am too old now, 65 years young, in fact. Once, I was the young colt. Strong and carefree. Sometimes chasing after the fillies. Then, I grew to be the stallion …….and with the tyranny of Time I am now a Lau Beh (old horse, Hokkien). ALL I can do is neigh, neigh and neigh. But, although nagging and nauseous it is all done in sincerity for the safety and well being of our fellow citizens. That is all.

  3. Can Netizens please make up their minds. When he was a minister every tom dick and harry saying he is a lousy minister ( which I agree he is bloody useless and should not even be a a paper general let alone a minister). Now that he has been demoted all cowpeh that he is so good lah, whay remove him lah, sympathy emails for him lah .To me its a non event as it makes no difference as its the same shit in different format.. No wonder 70% can be so easily hoodwinked. U sinkies really deserve to be screwed. The focus shd be on how and why useless people like Bimbo Joe whatever her name is and and Desmond got promoted. High compliancy talent of both must have made the difference.

  4. I don’t think the netizens are upset per se about TCJ being demoted to Speaker. They are probably upset because if LHL had to pick only ONE Minister to demote, TCJ does not deserve to be the FIRST one to be on the proverbial chopping block. KBW earns more than TCJ and his poor leadership over the recurrent MRT issue is enough reason imo to make him the Speaker.

    TCJ had to eat humble pie bcoz George Yeo is a shining example that no private sector employer in SG will pay an ex Minister his last drawn salary. In the private sector, the unwritten rule is “last in, first out” which means Desmond Lee or Jo Teo should succeed Halimah instead of TCJ. Netizens are prolly upset coz they think TCJ was made a scapegoat, albeit a well paid one.

  5. News like this is so laughable. What netizens are upset over minster’s pay cut and also who make up news like this. Totally uninteresting, total rubbish and the person/s making up such news should be fired and then not allowed to work ever. Netizens will definitely be upset when that person/s get fired and has no money (as if….). Please go quit your job instead of making up such ‘news’. Cringe Singapore cringe.

  6. Unfortunately, you have to kowtow to a master who wants everything his own way. Maybe you should reflect on what you might have done that may have upset him. However, even if you know the reason, I don’t think you can speak up about not agreeing with him or his policies unless you want to risk losing your job or nomination at the next GE.

  7. FFS…he is not minister material. Why the outpouring of grief and upset over the demotion? In the first instance, he (and many other muppets) should never be in government. Look at dumbo looking CCS, and I’d rather watch clouds float by.

  8. Clear as day, he is the worst of the worse. There’re over 60 other piss and puke mp. How to believe not one among those are good enough for a job that pays half a minister’s salary. Or another way of looking at it, not one of the 60+ is of half as capable as one that is already poorly rated!

  9. You think I would care isn’t. He would still be getting $500k Speaker’s salary le. How many of us can get this salary le. Not even with having a degree or Master or even a Phd can get this you know. Lucky him. Pity him for what. Pity ourselves la.

  10. I don’t think Mr TCJ got a pay cut by his boss , TCJ boss just fishing around want to know if he TCJ got any support from the public
    few days ago TCJ did say he is still in the race . don’t be happy so early, this is part of their politic game . He TCJ can be the next
    PM or President .

  11. Why r u folks talking rubbish? Still a $550K job before bonus… What are the KPI? Even with the ‘*@#*ed’ MRT – NO MINISTER, CEO, PS or MP had been fired! Why tell your kids go private sector go into politics n public service. Non-performnce bonus plenty!

  12. Singapore all the while is a migrant society whereby for past years foreigners are becoming new citizens of the country. Commenting and grumbling on Facebook can create miracles? MIRACLES still exist meh? What age are we living now still talk about miracles?

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