Netizens troll PM Lee over “crocodile tears” in Parliament yesterday


Parliament concluded a 2-day discussion yesterday on the allegations of abuse of power leveled against Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong by his siblings Dr Lee Wei Ling and Mr Lee Hsien Yang.

In closing his statements on the matter, PM Lee teared up, appealing for reconciliation with his siblings, after announcing his siblings’ claims don’t hold any water without giving them an opportunity to speak for themselves.

Netizens have not held back from trolling the head of government for his “crocodile tears.”


WATCH: PM Lee Hsien Loong tears up in Parliament recounting how his father told him to take care of the family.RECAP:

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Tuesday, 4 July 2017



  1. I saw one Indian MP crying with him when he shared that when he was 13 years old (1965 ), LKY told him to take care of his mother, brother and sister, should anything happen to him! His sharing is certainly very touching but there are many people also crying when interview by social worker but his ministry did not help!
    Now in my reflection, I remember that his advisor is Dr Vasoo, PHD in psychology !
    Dr Vasoo can provide counselling for the siblings to reconcile !

  2. I loss count of the number of our minister cried, to preserve hertiage? Isn’t the threatre once opposite liang court consider one? How about recent bugis thief market

  3. When poverty stricken family cry cry cry got no money to pay utilities bills , the best his ministry ppl can do is to install pay as use meter device , but no money is no money , how on earth can a pay as you use device help ?
    When poverty stricken family cry cry cry got no money to pay house installment and asked to use cpf RA account to pay , his ministry ask to come back “every month!” to apply to use RF account ! Did it occur to his ministry that already poverty stricken , need to work to make ends meet , where got the luxury of time to visit every month to request for the use of RA money , traveling expenses increase also …….cry cry cry to borrow ah long to pay house installments , wonder this clown prince cry in sympathy fir those poverty stricken fellow Singaporean???

    • I feel u bro…Once caught in on of scenario mentioned!!!! One more thing, town council very very very good at bringing people to court over arrears!!!!!!®₽₽₽^₽¢€^°€£℅£℅=©×¢{{

  4. Did he cry when he sue other people until their pants drop? Did he cry when he besmirch other people’s families? Did he cry when other people struggle and suffer under his gahmen?

    Only his family is precious, other people’s families are nothing. Only his tears are precious, other people’s tears are worthless. Only when it concerns him then he cry.

  5. When hdb send u double rental
    When see town council letter
    When see summons
    When see writ of seizure
    When see coe
    When see erp
    When see hospital
    When see kopi o
    When see ur own salary
    When see your parents suffering
    When can’t afford meals
    When receive red letter
    When sp services comes
    When jtc send lawyer letter
    When Iras freeze ur account
    When attending court

    You will feel numb…

  6. It should be written into our history archive for the best epic drama of the present century ….

    But for me , an anti-climax after the ‘trailers’ tells me

    – whip lifted
    – ‘ask me’ questions
    – etc etc

    I wasted the 2 afternoons listening to nothing new …

    I can’t recall any leader in the world that repeats his story twice ….

  7. Just watch Low Thia Khiang and Png Eng Huat YouTube debate, Halimah tell them to cut short and facts from Yang are considered wild baseless allegations!
    MP Sung Xuelin spoke in mandarin then in English but Halimah gave her the time !
    No wonder Ling Yang say no justice!

  8. The govt shld not be talking abt preserving heritage. Tearing down rocher flats and pearl centre to make way for new MRT line.these buildings can be heritage too not only Oxley. So if late Mr Lee wants to demolish after her daughter no longer want to live there then so be it. Not enough land already still preserve… omg

    • Ya, which bldg has more historical n heritage value, Fullerton Bldg, Raffles Hotel, Eu Court, old National Library or 38 Oxley, well we know what happened to them

  9. Told you all that, can the sign of hatred, anger, loss, sadness, pitiful moments, loss of words, back to confidence, finally Happiness. Best Award Actor goes to ………..LHL!

  10. Papa taught son well.

    “And I would like to add one . . . You see, this is a moment of . . . every time we look back on this moment when we signed this agreement which severed Singapore from Malaysia, it will be a moment of anguish. For me it is a moment of anguish because all my life… you see, the whole of my adult lile I have believed in Merger and the unity of these two territories. You know, it’s a people, connected by geography, economics, and ties of kinship .. . Would you mind if we stop for a while?”

    At this point: ‘As if to prove his anguish, he broke down and wept before the cameras, and the press conference had to be postponed for 15 minutes to let him recover his composure. The Tunku later expressed surprise at the TV tears and remarked: “I don’t know why Mr Lee acted like that . . . He was quite pleased about it”. Evidently, then, there was some questioning as to the authenticity of‘ these tears and although taken us a genuine instance of being overwhelmed by emotion, it may have been Lee’s awareness of the powerful symbolic effect that led him to emulate the act of breaking with cultural constraints on the display of emotion. I will discuss the role of metaphor in the breakdown of the merger in the section on legitimacy.”

    — The Communication of Leadership: The Design of Leadership Style / Jonathan Charteris-Black

  11. Now is the era of EQ!
    IQ is superseded by EQ!
    DR LEE Wei Ling is certainly brave and brilliant especially she has the fighting spirits of her daddy
    Such an honourable lady is a precious gem that we can consider as prospective candidate for President election, so is Mr Lee Hsien Yang whose eldest son, Li Sheng Wu is a good material to be in future cabinet as he is professionally trained as a junior doctor in economics, similar to the credentials of Dr Goh Keng Swee!
    The batons need to be pass on and I strongly recommend Li Sheng Wu to be CEO of Temasek holdings
    Don’t understand why He Ching with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering can become CEO of Temasek holdings when she is not professionally trained in economics???
    Can anybody advise me why a square peg is in a ministry of round hole ?
    Our along population is getting very worried about our future, especially auntie become very angsty when our water price is up by 37%
    A very big thank you to Dr Lee Wei Ling who leads her brother, and wake up the 69.9% of dozing cynical citizens of Singapore!!!

  12. It is indeed crocodile tears. If there are transparency. Lhl made parliament a place to debate the more he should let lwl and lhy to come and speak also. Since he is making an exception for parliament to debate why didn’t give the siblings a chance to talk on the screen. Many would says the sibling are not eligible well then it should be at the court then. Let all parties talk and allow the judges to give the fair judgement

  13. So many comments on crocodiles tears. Its becoming boring. Please liven up the debate N change topic to money. House demolish the property is said to worth $140,000,000.00. That amount of money can buy a lot of filial piety don’t you think? What do you think? Any comment?

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