Netizens troll Khaw over self-driving vehicles that will join Singapore roads in 2022


A video of Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan trying out a self-driving vehicle has been trending online. In the video, Khaw is seated in the front passenger seat of the self-driving car which slows down and comes to a halt as a pedestrian suddenly crosses the road.

The exercise was set up to test the collision prevention system of the new self-driving vehicle model. This is in anticipation of the introduction of self-driving buses and shuttles that will provide services in Punggol, Tengah and the Jurong Innovation District from 2022.

Khaw said yesterday, at the opening of the first autonomous vehicle (AV) test centre, that these three towns will be planned with AV-friendly features. He added:

“We expect that the AVs will greatly enhance the accessibility and connectivity of our public transport system, particularly for the old, families with the young, and the less mobile.
“More importantly, we can gain further insights into how we can develop new towns or refurbish existing ones for the safe mass deployment of AVs.”

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) also announced that it is exploring the use of express self-driving buses to link the North-East Line to the North-South, East-West and Thomson East Coast transit lines. It added that, if implemented, commuters will be able to hail express AV services through their mobile phones.

Demo of AV responding to pedestrian

What happens when a pedestrian crosses the road as a self-driving car (with minister Khaw Boon Wan in the front seat) passes by:

Posted by Channel NewsAsia on Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Netizens responding to this news and, particularly, Khaw’s test drive cheekily asked if Khaw could be the pedestrian crossing the road instead.

Others also noted that the pedestrian crossing the road is wearing a reflective vest and wondered whether a regular civilian would be detected by the vehicle’s system:



  1. Like with the recent train crash, if anybody is killed by these driverless cars, he would say there is no human error at fault and so nobody is to be blamed, especially him.

  2. Future reports: Driverless bus ran amuck due to signal fault. The SAF armour division took 3 hours to immobilize the bus that made contact with some pedestrians. The ministry found nobody is at fault owing to the nature that it is driverless. Please move on.

  3. Why are they so confident it is 100% safe? Nobody in the world dares to claim 100% in anything. The train collision happened cos even the back up signal system failed. What are we going to blame then? Mechanical fault?

    • The policymakers are obviously not confident that driverless vehicles are safe. That is why the vehicles will be used in the boondocks where the plebs live and work, instead of where they live eg in Bukit Timah. The driverless vehicles should be tested not just on the commuters who are expected to use them, but also on road users such as drivers of other vehicles. There is no reason why driverless vehicles should not be tested in landed estates such as Bukit Timah, Thomson, Siglap where the proportion of vehicle owners leads to lower public bus/taxi ridership than HDB estates, so manpower cost savings from the use of driverless vehicles should compensate for lower fare revenue base.

  4. Please settle the basics first. You want to reduce the number of cars on the road but you allow more PHVs. Your public transportation has become unreliable too frequently. Now you want to go driverless

  5. Haha….Ask All of them to take this vehicle everyday n wherever they go. No more cars for them. Lead n show the people that it is 200% safe. Not taking people as scapegoats n there credit U all claim

  6. Rice bowl broken Rice bowl broken Rice bowl broken Rice bowl broken Rice bowl broken Rice bowl broken Rice bowl broken Rice bowl broken Rice bowl broken pls sir spare a thought for others… tk u

  7. Lately more accidents on roads, some related to e-bikes & e-scooters, yet pinky & his panties completely ignore the matter but trying to act smart add more risk to roads! Their brains enter water not dry is not wrong.

  8. The self-drive (driverless) was being tested in an ideal weather condition, at a slow speed during the day when the vision is clear, good road condition and when the car is in the most roadworthy condition. What if it is raining heavily, the speed is somehow set at a higher during the beginning of the journey and it suddenly started to rain heavily, during dark hour (can the self-drive car detect people when the area is dark and the one or both the headlams is/are not functioning?), the road is wet or slippery due to various reasons and the braking system or steering system or both of the car is/are not funtioning at its best? Can the self-drive car detect and declare itself not roadworthy? Moreover, can the self-drive car detect and stop when a child (lower height) crosses the road? Can the self-drive car also detect and stop when an animal such the cat crosses the road?

    There are still too many questions to ask. Unless the car is tested under possible extreme conditions, otherwise I don’t think people will be convinced that the self-drive car is safer than when the car is operated by a person. Hope more tests are being conducted before the ‘Go Aheads’ is given for the safety of all both the people in the car and the pedestrians. My thought…Cheer!!!

  9. Another ‘brilliant’ ideas that die die govt will make sure it goes thru. Why? Costs cutting with profits mah. No need to employ drivers. No need to pay salary,medicals,annual leaves,sick leaves etc…

  10. He just prays one thing will work under his care lah! Unfortunately, he is master of none and just has thick armour skin to keep collecting his fat paycheck!

  11. All these politicians are like shit.
    If they cant do a simple job,just quit.
    Same like some alternative party,cant handle a town council yet want to run a country.
    All talk cock.
    Only rp and sdp are capable of doing a better job.

  12. Hahaha..maybe he chose THALES again lor..anything wrong he can blame THALES, AGAIN lah. Maybe in the end blame 70% ..haha why he will say they give us mandate to suka suka do lah.

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