Netizens thank Sylvia Lim for standing up against “intimidation tactics” in Parliament


Several netizens have expressed their support for Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim after she faced intense debate in Parliament last week.

Lim faced off with Law and Home Affairs Minister K Shanmugam over the timing of the GST hike announcement.

Lim had said earlier that the Government had floated “trial balloons” on a possible tax hike but possibly backed down after the public noted Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam’s comments in 2015 that the Government has enough revenue for the next decade.

Taking the opposition party chief to task, the Minister asked Lim to retract her statement: “Can I invite her to agree that this is a thoroughly hypocritical and dishonest statement and typical of the statements she makes in this House?”

Lim responded: “I can understand why he wants to accuse me of various things because he probably was not happy about past debates where I had disagreed with some of his legislative changes and in typical fashion, he always accuses me of dishonesty when as far as I am concerned I’ve acted honestly.”

When pressed to withdraw her statement, Lim jumped up and asserted: “I clearly said that it was my suspicion…it’s my honest suspicion, am I not entitled to have a view?” 

She added: “This is what we as MPs have to do, to get better clarity on matters of public interest. Of course, the Government can rebut our speeches robustly – that’s fine. But I don’t think I’m disentitled to come to Parliament to advance honestly held beliefs or suspicions.”

Finance Minister also tried to pressure Lim to withdraw her statement, both in Parliament and in a subsequent letter, in which he pressed: “Now that Ms Lim has had an opportunity to check the record, will she withdraw her allegation, as an honourable MP should, and apologise to the House? Or does she still hold she has carte blanche to raise any and every suspicion, rumour or falsehood in Parliament, and continue to insist on them regardless of the facts?”

Netizens have been circulating this tribute to Lim and have praised her for standing up for Singaporeans and not cowing to “intimidation tactics”:

Thank you Sylvia !We love ❤ you !We are with you !

Posted by Frances Ng on Sunday, 4 March 2018

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  1. Whenever a PAP minister is confronted with good contrary arguments, they will roll out the usual insults: that those disagree are ‘dishonest’, ‘politicising the issue’, and ‘misleading parliament’. In other words, they employ the basic logical fallacy of attacking the person.

  2. We love You for your guts and gumption in standing up against tyrants and true hypocrites in parliament . We need people like you and Mr Low to bring order to the house otherwise S’pore is gone to the dogs ! For sure ! Thank you Sylvia .

  3. From MOF Website

    Is the Government planning to raise the GST after the 2015 General Elections?There is no basis to these claims, and they are inconsistent with what the Government has recently stated.

    06 Aug 2015

    There have been claims on some online websites that the Government will raise the GST after the forthcoming General Elections to fund increased spending planned in the next term of government. There is no basis to these claims, and they are inconsistent with what the Government has recently stated.

    In the 2015 Budget Statement in February, DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam stated that the revenue measures the Government had already undertaken will provide sufficiently for the increased spending planned for the rest of this decade1.

    Budget 2015 introduced important revenue measures such as the inclusion of Temasek in the Government’s Net Investment Returns (NIR) framework from 2016 onward2, and the increase in the top marginal rates for personal income tax from Year of Assessment 2017. These measures came after moves in recent years to make Singapore’s property tax rates more progressive, with significantly increased tax rates for high value residential properties, offsetting reduced tax rates for lower value homes.

    In rounding up the 2015 Budget Debate, DPM Tharman stated, “We have prepared ourselves in advance and that must remain the way in which we plan for our budgets in the decades to come. With the change to incorporate Temasek in the NIR framework and the other tax changes I have introduced, in particular the increase in the personal income tax rate, we will be in a good position for at least the rest of this decade.”3

    The Government’s approach remains that of responding to changing circumstances and planning revenue measures in advance of Singapore’s future needs. Through this forward-looking approach, we have been able to meet the growing needs of our people in healthcare and invest in our future, while preserving fiscal sustainability and Singapore’s Triple-A credit rating.

    This article is accurate as of Aug 2015.

    1The Statement for Budget 2015, delivered by DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam, said, “Based on current projections, the revenue measures we have undertaken will provide sufficiently for the increased spending needs we have planned for till the end of this decade.” (Refer to paragraph G38 of the Budget Speech)

    © 2018 Government of Singapore

  4. I always admire her, Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Kiang. We need the opposition to speak for us in Parliament. Hope the 70% will wake up in the next GE. Otherwise the low and middle income singaporeans will definitely have to suffer if the government has the majority of the votes.

  5. Of course la, overspend already. Buy so many super planes of sia, build T5, build the most expensive dustbin that we don’t need, free scholarships for foreign students …the list goes on.
    Show us the bookkeeping that we still money in our country and the reserve as well.

  6. WP not to worry about the bullying tactics of these idiots PAP. Heaven got eyes to see. Remember there are three things that cannot hide by these white devils. These are the Sun, the Moon and The Truth.

    No matter how these Bastards, all will be ended up in Hell, for being greedy, arrogant and power crazy. If they still think that being a Pappies would bring them glory, fame and richness, let it be. just do your good works in Parliament, Heaven will disposes these evils or satanic devils soon.

  7. Like LTK, she joined the political party as a party volunteer first and then eventually entered politics due to her experiencing some events happened in society and moved her. It is so different from those in the whitish cult who mostly got invited to a tea then join politics because of their elitish status already and motivated by further enhancement of own power/benefits/status if not all of these things. So who would be really and sincerely working with a heart and objectives towards the contribution of a better society and nation for the future well beings of citizens (you and me)? You figure it out yourself!

  8. Having the courage to speak up is one thing, but when proven to be wrong, she should also have grace to admit it.
    There is nothing shameful or wrong to say that I have overlook. You will still have done the right thing to at least speak up.
    Most of the comments are just gut feeling talk for daring to stand up. That’s not good enough.

  9. She had voiced at least my sentiment if not the majority of our netizens. I had stated before that I’m of the view that they always hints at something they planned on doing to test the ground responses before fine tuning it for implementation.

  10. Hi Sylvia…. I think you are worth more elsewhere than what’s today spending
    so much of your valuable time than challenging the Whites….
    uncalled for….. unless you have the same or double your blues running the next GE… Otherwise I see no difference fighting with majorities in the room….

  11. Thank u Ms Lim. U r right to ask all the questions as;

    1. No one understood this Budget and it’s Planning.. from +1.9B to +9.2B and new year’s forecast -0.5?

    2. It shows how much they wanted to spend rather than looking for solutions on how to help!

    3. Continue with higher healthcare’s support with the other departments cutting back

  12. Dear Miss Lim,
    My family did the right thing by voting WP in the previous last 2 GE. We are really impressed with your performance against the Indian guy and the stroke patient. We shall continue to vote for your party in the next GE. Ignore those white monkeys who want to bully you. Voters are matured enough to know that you have the guts to stand against these bullies.

  13. After all these years, PAP ministers still dont exhibit any maturity and engaged in bullying the minority. Where in the globe do u see ruling parliamentarians calling for withdrawal and apologies of oppositions?! This is truly shameful!

  14. The average Spore citizen do not like Bully..
    In Parliament there is immunity and No single body to deliver the final judgement..
    So no need to outwit with sacarism…can be boring to ascertain a moot point !!

    People of Singapore whether for PAP and Oppositions,, are now seeing the New 4G Leaders whether they have Leadership and substance.. Can be humorous how they try their drama

    At the end of the day, this will be collected and registered at the next Budget 2019 and GE..

  15. Wait, she is self made in a white system!? And she’s so proud because………?

    You know, the white system who is accused of intimidation and overspending etc…….she is self made in a place under the white system she is against today!?


  16. Well the 30% have found their Indian chief! The one to do all the talking for them because they dare not and also someone to take the heat when the heat rains down while the 30% pretend they don’t know what’s happening and who is this woman!


  17. PAP want u to apologize just go ahead apologize no problem we know who right who wrong who work for us who work for parties only , PAP alway think want apologize they win now is 5G world tell them don’t use this , go ahead and say sorry we know u work for us

  18. You speak up for the Singaporean who are going through hard n difficult times of their lifestyle…
    Please continue to raise relevant questions in Parliament n the general public will…wake up….n…vote in more opposition Parties when the next general election comes by …
    My sincere thanks n highly respect for your speech in Parliament..I salute you…!