Netizens stand by Sylvia Lim and urge her not to apologise


Responding to our report on the notice to apologise sent to Workers’ Party chairman Sylvia Lim, many of our readers expressed on Facebook yesterday that they are standing by Ms Lim and have urged her not to apologise.

Grace Fu issues 2nd ‘Apology Notice’ to Workers’ Party parliamentarian in as many months

Leader of the House, Grace Fu, asked Ms Lim to withdraw her “allegations” that the government had “floated test balloons” about the Good and Services Tax (GST) hike coming between 2021 and 2025. Ms Fu gave Ms Lim a Thursday deadline (by the end of Parliament’s sitting for the Committee of Supply debates) to withdraw her “allegations” and apologise.

Facebook user Tay Beng Swee said: “Ms Lim, I don’t think you need to apologise as I think you have done nothing wrong. On the contrary, I think you were carrying out your duties as an elected MP to express your views in Parliament.”

Calvin Koh: “Should someone start a “we stand by Ms Sylvia Lim” at Hong Lim?”

Ng Alfred: “Sylvia Lim has every right to ask questions in parliament. ..the ruling party had to ask her questions…just answer…and move on. Apologise my foot…89 try to bully a brave lady.”

Kenneth Seah: “Isn’t this like the schoolyard bully wanting an apology? ????????”

Kevyn Ho: “If MP cannot ask questions and challenge the government, then no need for parliamentary debates… just issue each MP with a rubber stamp that says I AGREE lah”

The comment with the most number of ‘likes’ suggested that it was Ms Fu who had to apologise.

Mohan Sinnapillay: Grace Fu owes two apologies. First for saying Olympic Games won’t be broadcast live only to change track after public displeasure. Next for paying $400,000 for a dustbin consultant, which reflects her stupidity. Ask her to apologise to the country.”

Others faulted the PAP’s “bullying tactics”.

Justina Yapp: “Demanding apologies has been the ugly hallmark of the PAP government. From the time of LKY until now, their arrogant bullying tactics have not changed. They use their Parliamentary majority to bully, to laugh at and to demand apologies from the WP MPs. There is absolutely no reason for Sylvia to apologise. What makes the PAP government think that they have refuted her claims and her suspicion? Just because they say they have planned ahead, are we to take their word for it? Are we to give them our unfailing trust carte blanche, when they have flip flopped so many times before? When they have broken their word and their promises to us? When there is a total lack of information and transparency on their part?”

If Ms Lim refuses to apologise, she may be referred to Parliament’s Committee of Privileges for investigation and disciplinary actions. The Committee is empowered to mete out punishments from scoldings to jail terms not extending beyond the current Parliament session. The Committee however cannot remove anyone as an MP.


  1. If SL does not apologize, what can GF do to her? Hound her everyday like a bitch? Does GF have the authority to bar a democratically elected MP from Parliament? If SL apologizes it is not because she is wrong but she is just giving face to GF. There is a Chinese saying that only a person ie GF is capable of making himself lose face.

  2. The white termite gang can say and do as they like in the law maker house ! Use law maker house as a court to clear their own !
    Make law maker house a gangster den!!
    Make law maker house as their own kangaroo court !!!
    Make law maker house a political circle mocking oppositions during debate !!!
    Latest antic in apology craving seeking !!!!!
    So opposition cannot have differing opinions

    • ……..? If otherwise need to tender apologies??
      Ms.Salvia Lim asking the hard question had done her duty being a legally elected representative of her constituency !
      WTG intimidating and bullying her is tantamount to act of hooliganism gangland style and show blatant disregards to the public’s views and going against the people’s voices !!! Their under the belt treatment of Ms.Salvia Lim in the law maker house is most distastefully carried out and disrespectful to the people of Singapore!!!

  3. The only apology needed is from the 70% electorate for having voted a party that has no qualms about robbing the citizens in more ways than one thus allowing the ruling party to fool us with their fake smiles,crocodile tears and honey coated speeches with false pledges of allegiance in wanting to improve the lives of SGporeans.

  4. There is no need to apologize ! During the recent presidential election, the PAP stuck to their views that the reserved election was not meant to deter a particular Chinese man from contesting while there was a loud suspicion. Both sides were entitled to their views and explanation and no need to apologise indeed !

  5. For example, was President Wee or President Ong our first elected president? There was a court version, a parliament version and the general public’s version. There was a debate inside and outside parliament, there was an outcome taken by the government, there was a legal stand taken by the court, there was a wilkipedia version, end of the day , action was already taken based on certain decision and there was no calls for any body to apologise to taking a different views.

    • There is only one version of truth. As the first elected president of Singapore, guardian of the People’s money, the holder of third key, he asked about the state of people’s reserves.

      He was ridiculed by LKY and ostracized by his own party for standing up for the people, for wanting to do a proper job and not be a Porlampar. He was a lost sheep turned good before his end. He will be remembered.

    • Bcoz mostly obedient dogs are there. If really for you; Singapore or with you; Singaporean, voting for yes or no to any bill tabled should not be done secretly. No party whip and be made openly like ‘survivors series’ voting. After casting vote INDEPENDENTLY our speaker of parliament will read out the vote fairly

  6. Jus apologize for e sake of apologizing and carry on battling.. Be smart rather then wasting resources…. See how LHL apologize and got 70% vote on last election… Better to work smart then being stubborn… Challenging on something worth nothing is a real waste… Hope things work rite…

    • You think after apologizing she will be left alone? First is to slime her character then next will come the steps to bankrupt her and make her ineligible for election.
      These are old trusted evil schemes handed down from old man, that so many dafts adored but any kid will realise. The history and record already alluded the fate of those who bent under PAP persecution.

      Ultimately you dafts are to be blamed, as you gave the evil and the corrupted to reign this country freely, you empowered these greedy corrupt liars to rob you of your life savings and retirement.

    • This is not being defeatist but working smart when you are in the lion dent.. If she gets into trouble you ppl will jus disappear like what happened to Roy Ng…
      I admire her talent even before she came to parliament… So u stop your shit….

  7. PAP bullying and threats are tactics to cow and silence the oppositions and the peoples voices. They want to make a fuss and an example of any incident that would question and critisize the evil doings of the greedy regime. Remember , no voice, no criticism, means no check and accountability which leads to absolute corruption.
    Many simple questions have so far been unanswered including How much is left in reserves? How much did our GIC and Temasek lose? How much we pay Hojinx? The list could go on and on.

  8. It depends who are the members in the discipline council. I think for the sake of us she may have no choice but to apologize. But her spirit and courage will make us Singaporeans to remember her deep in our heart. She and her team are the genuine MPs who speak for us in the parliament.

    • Never trust anything that is self check self.

      One can set up endless committees , hearings that will only put him or her in favour and interest first.
      Surely dafts should have some leftover intelligence not to dwell on this moot point at length.

  9. Every country in the world ought to know what kind of “democratic” parliament we have.
    This incident should be publicised to wake the world.

    Please use your vote to kick these bastards out.

    We can then get a chance to dig up all the cover ups in losses and how they have misused all the cpf and taxpayers’ money. We will put them on trial.

  10. Is this the post LKY era PAP gov doing now ?
    Did Sylvia Lim hurting anybody in Parliament with words of slander or abusive remarks ?
    She did what common people feedback to her. She’s doing her duty .
    Just leave her alone . Let her decide on the best course of action
    Stand up for Singapore
    Stand up for Sylvia

  11. Is this post LKY era PAP gov doing now ?
    Did Sylvia Lim hurting anyone in Parliament with words of slander or abusive behaviour ?
    She did what the common people feedback to her . She’s doing her duty
    Just leave her alone. Let her decide on the best course of action
    Stand up for Singapore
    Stand up for Sylvia

  12. Maybe the PM should apologize for all the policy mistakes, the transport minister should apologize for the train breakdowns, the foreign minister and defense minister for getting our armored vehicles held hostage in HK etc…But no, it is always other people’s problems. Turns out that it is always other people’s faults, not their own faults. So why should Auntie Lim apologize.

  13. Don’t apologise to the filthy bitch and the rest of them. It’s Parliament and you are there to debate on behalf of Singaporeans. What apology? Stupidity that’s brewing in Parliament. So the opposition cannot question the ruling party? Bullshit. Don’t apologise Sylvia. They’re a bunch of bullies

  14. Please PAP Government, be accommodating to parliamentary debate. If you think Sylvia said something wrong, tell her specifically. Sylvia is entitled to her opinion and perception as an elected Member of Parliament, as much as PAP has the right to refute and rebut.

    Don’t make things look ugly in Parliament.

    By answering to Sylvia’s concerns and contentions will also help all Singaporeans understand how the Government derives on its Budget. Sylvia has the right to contribute to our national Budget as much as much as the ruling Party.

    For Grace Fu to ask for apology is short sighted and unwise. PAP has done great for our Nation thus far; albeit, don’t spoil it now.

    What damage has Sylvia caused to warrant an apology. The right to refute and rebut in Parliament? The Speaker of Parliament is in good command in the midst of all debates.

  15. To summarise, SL admits she may have made a wrong judgement on the government as she got her inferences from CNA media report, economists’ prediction and also PAP’s inaction on clearing doubts on the impending tax hike.

    Although the government didn’t release any statement that was inconsistent, SL’s suspicion is not completely unfounded. While the government did not actively test balloon, their inaction in clearing doubts suggests that they could have been taking a passive stance, watching the reaction from the ground before deciding on a definitive period of the tax hike.

    SL may have been over-sensitive, but at least she’s honest in admitting her mistakes in judgement. This is as good as an apology already.

  16. The recent presidential election was full of controversies, it was reserved for Malay candidates. There was a pubic outcry that Halimah had her race as `Indian’ in her I/C. PAP has had taken a stand that she was Malay enough and i dont remember there was a very comprehensive public explanation why she was accepted and the other 2 was not qualified giving no chance for the people to exercise their voting rights as there was no option ! The PAP has taken their decisions and at the same time, the people of Singapore has continued to harbour certain thoughts that might or might not be in line with PAP. Each one of us is entitled to our own thinking, quietly or otherwise, but being an opposition party, they have even more RIGHTS to tanslate their constituents’ thoughts or personal convictions to verbally air them in parliament. And Sylvia lim was even not talking about the very sensitive topics on race, language or religion….. it was on GST ! Why should she apologise ??

  17. PAP is a party of spoilt and rich overgrown children. They are led by none other than a 66 year old overgrown brat who has everything handed to him in a silver platter and thinks he’s some sort of genius by virtue of the fact that he could do complex math and write a sudoku puzzle solver. You’ll behave like that if you were him too. Don’t hate him. Pity him for his immaturity and naivety.

  18. There are so much big mistakes done by them. But, no one admited their mistakes. For SL done no mistake, why she must. This is like school bully wants an apology. Not to worry SL, you will be creditting more on big day. Please be strong and take care yourself.

  19. Ah ha! Sylvia calls it her own “suspicion” but PAP turned around and called it a “false accusation”, and want Sylvia to apologise. What about this scenario:

    A robbery took place nearby and witnesses told the police that the robber was dressed in a black polo shirt. I happened to pass by during that time and also wearing black polo shirt. The police stopped me, I became their suspect because my dressing fit into the witness’ account. They interrogated me, I answered, after questioning me, they were convinced that I was not the robber.

    So can I turn around and said the police accused me of being the robber and they must apologize to me, because how can they accuse me of committing a robbery without verifying that facts? Should the police apologize to me for suspecting me?

  20. Yes always do the right thing. When you apologize, do you still think everything you buy anywhere like supermarket or wet market do you think the price will be cheaper. Everything you buy will be expensive, remember gst increase 2% to 9%. What goes up will never come down. Yes i just bought fish in the wet market after CNY the price is still the same, not back at its normal price. I guess this is globalization. Everthing you buy will go up, up & away.