Netizens slam pro-PAP fanpage for taking another shot at new Malaysia Govt with fake news about GST cut


Pro-ruling party fanpage Fabrications about the PAP has been taken to task yet again for taking a shot at the new Government across the causeway, with a Facebook post spreading misinformation about the Goods and Services Tax (GST) cut in Malaysia.

The administrator of the controversial page posted a picture showing a side-by-side comparison of two receipts – the text on the picture implies that one receipt is for a meal before the GST cut in Malaysia was imposed and the other receipt is for a meal after the GST cut went into effect.

At first glance, the picture shows that the price for a meal at Rathaa Curry House in Selangor is more expensive after the GST cut, due to a hike in meal prices. The first receipt shows that 4 pieces of Roti Canai and 2 Milo kosong drinks cost RM11.40 and the meal comes to RM12.10 after a 6 per cent GST is applied.

The second receipt shows that the same meal comes to RM12.40 before GST is applied because the cost of 4 pieces of Roti Canai has been hiked by RM0.40 and 2 Milo Kosong drinks also cost RM0.40 more than in the past. The text on the post reads: “Remove GST, they said. Cost of living will lowered, they said.”

The fanpage’s administrator added in his Facebook post: “Milo kosong increased by RM0.60 even before GST 0%. Abolish GST, they said. Cost of living will lowered, they said. Malaysia sibei boleh”

What the administrator failed to mention is that the second receipt is from 29 May – days before the GST cut went into effect on 1 June.

Milo kosong increased by RM0.60 even before GST 0%. Abolish GST, they said.Cost of living will lowered, they said. Malaysia sibei boleh

Posted by Fabrications About The PAP on Friday, 1 June 2018

Netizens responding to the post slammed the page administrator for the misleading information he had featured. While the post was shared over 1400 times, the majority of the 300-plus comments were from netizens who took the page administrator to task for spreading fake news:

Netizens also began sharing the corrected version of the picture:

The harsh criticism the page administrator received does not appear to have deterred him from trying to “stir shit” between Malaysia and Singapore.

Just a day after this contentious post, the page published another post drawing unfair comparisons between the funds raised in Singapore’s President’s challenge and Malaysia’s Hope Fund, prompting several followers to unfollow the page for stooping too low:

Pro-PAP fanpage gets called out for allegedly trying to “stir shit” between Singapore and Malaysia