Netizens slam Indranee Rajah’s questions on Lee Kuan Yew’s last will


Senior Minister of State (SMOS) for Law Indranee Rajah had on 24 June, raised several questions on the last will of Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. Chronicling the events of the day that the last will was signed, Ms Rajah asked how the last will came about, who drafted the last will and how LKY got to sign the will.

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Posted by Indranee Rajah on Saturday, 24 June 2017

SMOS’s post was shared over 240 times and drew a flurry of comments. All the commenters on her post with the most number of likes, slammed her opinion. The following are some of the views of these commenters.

Simon Teo: Dear Mdm, are you trying to say that MM LKY was not sane enough to read through his will properly before he signed? I would be very surprised that an experience lawyer like him would make a blunder. I certainly do not hope that your image of MM Lee is that of a senile man who can’t make his own decision. That will be sad if it’s true. God bless you then.

Bhavan Jaipragas: SMS, these are indeed important questions Mr Lee Hsien Yang has to answer. I’ll pose a few questions here in public that perhaps will come in handy when you/your government colleagues speak in parliament on July 3. I think they are some of the key issues that we in the media would like more light shone on.

1) Probate was granted in October 2015 without a challenge from the PM. Why didn’t he make a legal challenge on the above mentioned issues at that time? Wouldn’t he have been able to do so in-camera?
2) Did the PM sign a settlement agreement with Mr Lee Hsien Yang on these or other issues?
3) Thirdly, judging from the online comments on this matter — it will be very useful if the government on July 3 reveals the date the ministerial committee was first convened, and its complete terms of reference.

Yc de Wai: It appears you are just a whisker away from alleging fraud. Your leader has to challenge in a competent court why the last will is invalid, not repeating what he believes to be a fraud to maybe 70% of population through his subordinates in Parliament. Certainly not us all to judge really if the Will is valid. The Ministerial Committee cannot investigate if there was a fraud, by “understanding what Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s thinking on the House was.” It is accepted that the last Will is binding. If there is an alleged conflict of interest, LHL would be in the best position to challenge the validity of the will, and this would be a private matter to be brought about by a private citizen.

Now, this is a public matter, as the integrity of the government is in question against the evidences by LHY and LWL. They painted colours to their assertions of power abuse. The family feud has escalated beyond the House – to demolish or not. It is plain to me that the present public debate is not so much about the clause in the Will, but more of the roles LHL played in the background. Although he confines himself to a private citizen relating to the House, submitting to the government for any decision to be made, there are many questions about how he obtained confidential things that a private citizen would not be able to, and how the historical documents that belong to the estate executors conveniently appropriated by someone with no official appointment and legal right. I don’t speak for all Singaporeans, but my confidence is shaken. Standing at moral high ground with lopsided persuasion does not cut any meat. What is the point of a parliamentary trial by outsiders (ministers – PAP and WP) who do not have evidences like LHY and LWL do, and without their testimonies? Our PM has to respond to these allegations, but the avenue should not be in Parliament, and certainly not through Facebook.

I understand that LHY and LWL have no other ways to get to Singaporeans with their perspectives other than through Facebook. News and pages of certain websites may be blocked/censored. They have got Singaporeans re-evaluate if the checks and balances are sufficient, if necessary at all. I personally would not want the trust Singaporeans have in the ruling party diminished at the hands of any individual or a particular collective ministerial group. Just like the whites you wear, there is no tolerance for transgression of PAP values (James Gomez).

If we are at an inflection point in our political history, and he has chosen to present his side of things in Parliament instead, I urge ministers like you to be fair to all Singaporeans. Ask him questions from the angles of LHY and LWL, this is the only way Singaporeans can get extract more truths from him instead of staging a political play. Give us a fuller picture and let us think about all the half-truths. That is the best I can ask of my PAP ministers to seek what is right for us Singaporeans, even if it means risking demerit points by your boss.

Chris Chen: This is such a classless statement that I felt compelled to comment. THE WHOLE COUNTRY knows his wish for his house to be demolished after his death, that is beyond dispute. The email released by LHY says to revert back to his original will. He signed it and initialed under the re-inserted demolition clause. Probate was then granted and the will became legal and binding. As such, I’m really confused at your “lawyering” of the whole issue. To suggest that LKY “accepts” that his house may not be demolished after his death is not only ludicrous, but also disrespectful. I am deeply disgusted by your feeble attempt to confuse the public and draw attention away from the greater issues at stake.

Brenda Tham: Please stop insulting our founding father.i saw you cried the hardest when he passed away. As a lawyer u should know that any dispute of will should be settled at the right channel which is at the courts level not governmental. Why are you interfering in this? Are you very free at your GRC. Is no one unemployed in your constituent? Is no one suffering from a debt from medical bill? As a public servant kindly know your job scope and place.

Ruth Chia: MM lKY was a and at the time of making of the 7th.will .he.was still.sane .How can.we imagine that he signed the will without knowing the contents.if the will. Highly improbably for LKY……..

KokSiang Tan: Dear Mdm, you are a hypocrite. In public you said your former PAP boss Lee KY was a great man. Now in support of your current boss, you implied Lee KY was an old fool who didn’t read what he was signing, albeit he was a Cambrige educated lawyer.

Meanwhile a pro-PAP fan page – Fabrications Led by Opposition Parties (FLOP) – which some claim is the internet brigade of the People’s Action Party (PAP), has suggested that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s siblings want 38 Oxley Road destroyed because they stand to make millions out of it.


  1. Family matters is good if it stays in family i hope and wish may God help u all to come to an agreement and ur father may rest in peace. Solve it by urselvez

  2. Can’t help but notice that the Indian ministers are over represented (about 50%) in this balls carrying exercise. Chinese ministers maybe only 10% or less. Can somebody please tell me why?

  3. So free, do more lah for the seniors of Tanjong Pagar. Let them at least have a taste of Swiss Standard of Living before they expire. Something more exciting than the economic rice and teh-oh they have day in, day out. Perhaps a taste of chilli crab, abalone, braised pork, 8-treasure rice, and some Hagen Daz ice cream instead of ice cream potong.

  4. As a lawyer herself, she should know that before one’s death, the will maker has the right and perogative to change lawyer and contents as long as one is of sound mind and not made the will under duress. Is she so upset that she was not called upon to do that? Jealeous and a

  5. As long as the 7th will has superseded the last few will, this final will is official !! Simple n why need to argue over this ??? Meaningless !!!

  6. LKY old n ill cannot read anymore but believe what he sign is good for all but didn’t know it benefits who n so he sign blindly. He’s not a old fool bcos he trusted his children’s n in law.



    PM Lee Hsien Loong’s long held position on 38 Oxley Road is that “it is not tenable for the family to retain proceeds from any dealing with 38 Oxley Road, as it would look like the family is opposing acquisition and preservation of the House for monetary reasons.”

    This is the position he also conveyed to the Lee family. A refusal to reap monetary benefits from the significance of 38 Oxley Road to Singapore is a position of integrity.


    In line with his position, PM Lee made a first offer to transfer 38 Oxley Road (which was bequeathed to him) to his sister LEE WEI LING for a nominal $1 on the condition that should the property be transacted later or acquired by the Government, all proceeds would go to charity.

    This offer was rejected.

    In another bid to resolve the dispute, he then made a second offer to sell the house to LHY at reasonable market value on condition that they each donate an amount equivalent to half of that value to charity.

    This ensures 100% of the proceeds went to charity.

    On his part, PM Lee donated not just 50% but all of the money he received from selling the house to LHY. This is in line with his position that he will not retain any money from the sale of 38 Oxley Road.


    • I don’t get it the estate is sharre equally if lhl sell the prise at what it claim around $24 million to lhy and 50% of the prise to charity is equal using around $36million dollars for that house right the answer is wrong the estate is share equally that mean lhy hahe to pay addition $4milion $24milion of the sale 50% go to charity left $12million divided by 3 =$4milion actual lhl only to fought out $4million and lhy 24+12+4= $42MILLION

    • LHL sell everything to him, he also agreed to buy over so he can use the land as he like to develop new high rise building n sell to open public. Min he can get is $450 millions X 2-3 times possible. Who want the $? Obviously is LHY!
      LHL sell to him n what he get he donated to the charity.

  7. After LKY’s death,most ministers behave like they own singapore…
    Start to talk rubish and do not behave like ministers…
    Worse,dont even think like ministers…
    But salaries higher than many presidents around the world…
    What a great shame…
    Help the poors,not help yourself to richer please…

  8. This is what you get when one has got No Principles, No Spine but Head Full of Shit!

    Sold the Soul to the Devil in exchange for make-believe fame & power and obscenely paid salaries that does not commensurate with the job.

    Besides being another DisGraceFool….. you are Stupid to the Max!

  9. Such hypocrite should not be respected at all….she goes where the wind blows her…..wake up Singaporean…..if these can happen to his own sibling and blood…who are we….pinky and his minions don’t even have the courtesy to respect his own dad last wishes… ingrate of the whole lots….

  10. I am sure she will go down as the Top 10 hypocrite ministers in Sg history for her statement and absurd doubt on LKY mental health for his will! She certainly deserved to be Top 10!!!

  11. Now a days the snakes and the dogs are best friends so just sit down and enjoy the Wayang on 3 July the snakes will use a Venom comments and the dogs will bark loudly the Zoo of Citizens will see the win win or lose lose result

  12. Is indranee speaking in the capacity of a public servant or a family to the Lee’s. Becos if she is not a family of the Lee’s, she has no business here, unless she wants to publicly admit that she is being paid by taxpayers of Singapore to serve that very specific priviledged Singaporean only

  13. Pay her $ 1 million … such obscene pay. Slash by 50%, take it of leave it. We got to adjust all ministerial salaries, down by 50%. Want to work, stay or else go and fly kites.

  14. Remember the holes in shirt saga? This is the same hypocrite that stirred up the whole shit for her own gain . In order to score PR points, she went to “console” the uncle afew days after the incident had died off, causing the innocent uncle unnecessary attentions and embarassments.

    Highest salary works really well in attracting hypocrites like this one.

  15. As the saying goes, ‘Money is the root of all evil’, pay someone more than what he/she is worth, he/she WILL turn into anything you want him/her to turn into. It’s clear as daylight and yet there is the majority who still keep their heads in the sand.

  16. arro … arro …. indranee …. u torking wat arh …. people anger oleadi … u tork kork sing song oso not nice to listen lei…nabey … go get urself a toyboy better la. Nabey.

  17. Of all the policies, highest salaries is most effective in making these ministars to speak the party line and at the same time shutdown their conscience. All engaging in making politically correct statements….but what is the real person behind all these talks, are they speaking what their innermost conscience, it becomes very difficult to know. basically do not trust them anymore.

  18. What a damn joke… yourself as a lawyer, know what to say n what’s not…. ball-licking till this way, u no2 , nobody dare to take top spot…. go see yourself in e mirror bah….

  19. The fist generation guards are truly public servants whom places the country and then followed by the people first. The policy to increase ministerial salary was intended to ensure sufficient remuneration to prevent corruption. That was a good move too as far as I am concerned. However that line has been crossed and lost it’s true purpose. Ministerial salaries has now gone to exorbitant levels. So much so, self before country and people first. Every single ministers and public servants would support their bosses enable keep their fat paycheck. Gone were the days of public servants who place the country and people ahead of their interest. So now we see whole bunch of monkeys acting like dogs on a leash directed by their masters.

    • Up to Richard Hu who was paid 500k.
      Goh Keng Swee said he got a good
      Cabinet for a total of 4 million and paid out of the Consolidated Fund.
      OTC was paid 260k as DPM when he earned 400k as an architect.

  20. Was Indranee Rajah the MORON minister who had arranged a taichi display “show” back when Prince William and his wife Kate Duchess of Cambridge first visited Singapore few years back? If yes, SUCH A MORON WOMAN

  21. I did not know lady can speak with forked tongue which is a tongue split into two distinct tines at the tip; this is a feature common to many species of snakes. My apology she is Indian blooded. After this saga, she will be graded to full minister and rewarded with millions. What an easy way to earn one’s keep.

  22. For the sake of money n position we see how these retards turn their back on logic and sense n most importantly ethics. Seriously nothing just piece of shit

  23. For one who sang praises of LKY when he was alive and then make an inference that LKY was senile and may not have known what he was signing and asking questions to insinuate that somethng was not right when he signed the final will shows you the kind of person you are dealing with. What a let down and to think I once had a good opinion of her. Then again when you draw million dollar salaries I suppose you know where you bread and butter lies. What a hypocrite.

  24. So are she in the committee for the special team. Or, like what other said, ball carrier. Late LKY , was a old fool to her that he didn’t read and sign blindly? Now,late LKY can’t live peaceful in his grave now. With all those ball carriers around, seem like late LKY was a fool in the mind now

  25. This lady, try a busybody, a failure in the public sector. As a lawyer, she got no clients, no business then join the cabinet full time, now trying to act smart .

  26. Who are to u to said since u are not appointed too,even the daughter lwl didn’t said wat the option were be wat ur position on grounds to bring msgs across, mind ur own family better stil n than let thier family’s disputes settle wat is rights U got no rights to respond all tis

  27. People…if you really want to be more than just keyboard warriors…excel in what you are currently doing and make a great name for yourself and an inspirational impact for the nation then they will look up to you…by then you do not need them…

  28. Because of one self looking for different requirement in life. One can close eyes and speak the untruth without eyes blinked. To think of once she was working for LKY in the same wards. She should know Mr LKY was a very careful person and will read times after time before signing. Yet today changing to serve and help to parroting LHL words. And that LHL can stay quiet all these while and let his people talk. I called this as bullying even the two are his own siblings. Family matter as a brother should bring it back to the home and close the door and resolved it. Not letting your subordinates to keep talking for you.

  29. Come on, SMOS for Law Indranee Rajah! It is ALL about the money isn’t it? Speak The Truth and Shame The Devil! My fellow citizens, This mob of PAP politicians led by the dishonourable son, PM LHL, have led Singapore down. We are now the PARIAH nation! The World now KNOWS The Truth about Singapore. And, although the truth will set us free it will hurt us BAD initially. Into the future we must bring these corrupt and useless PAP politicians to account for their misconduct and misdeeds. We have The POWER! Don’t let the PAP abuse it. NOT and never ever, ever again! For OURSELVES and Our Children and those who follow thereafter. Again, FAILURE to call out and condemn PM LHL for this flagitious abuse of power is NOT an option. PILE ON The Pressure! No more abuse! Corruption must cease!

  30. TOADY 27th JUNE edition now published a ONE PAGE with Indranee Rajah rationalizing with questions, legal style and insinuating why LHY wanted quick demolition of the house. All siam the online slamming of her
    FUCK SHIT Times, FUCK Today, FUCK New Toilet Paper

  31. Well, it have come this time my foresight of what going to happen to the island of Singapore is pretty true in deeds and I’ve kept on saying that for the last few years under a different identity and it also the FACT and REALITY that Singaporean think i’m a trouble-maker….

    BUT I’m NOT I’m just saying that when a Party like the PAP who have rules for so many years and let me tell you all die-heart Singaporean of your principle of your damn LIFE….”They (PAP) are the only one that can manage our country….WELL…”WRONG” the longer a person into ruling the country they become very easily “Legal Corrupted & Corruption will SEAT in when one rule the country long enoght” to lace a person/leaders into “Taking advantage of the TRUST” GREED…they (PAP) draft out POLICIES that says , “We Reserve the RIGHT to ROB you LEGALLY with their Housing Policies & Minimum Sums of Money in CPF” you IDIOTS Singaporean never LEARNED the word well enough and NOT just the Damn Older Generation of Singaporean who got their “Pioneer Card” Stupidly never learnt but even the “Educated and Well Travelled” one who just busy with what they wanted and you guys ALL are SELFISH Bunch of Singaporean.

    and they (Foreign Telent & New Citizen) are just draining out the damn moneies & Reserve out of our Fore-Father SWEAT and without even going to WAR and a “BULLET” fired from the Rifles in just seconds we are back to 3rd WORLD and “Thank you Singaporean both Old & Younger generation.

    PURE…STUPIDITY……Now Lee Hsien Yang understand how we felt being CONTROLLER by the PAP like…..

  32. Kepoh lahhhh..! She should be more concerned with the welfare of the citizens..! Return back our CPF..! You’re a LOYAR, and know that it is unlawful to hold our monies..!

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