Netizens photoshop Channel NewsAsia article, call out MPs on their Parliament attendance rates

Photo: YouTube screengrab

Yesterday, Channel News Asia posted an article about Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad who said he would “work 36 hours a day” if it was possible.

Along with their article was a picture of Dr Mahathir himself.

Some Singaporean netizens took it upon themselves to edit the picture in the article, changing it to a picture of a session in Parliament with only five Ministers in attendance.

Many netizens also took the opportunity to call out MPs in Singapore for their attendance rates in Parliament.

However, recent official reports of parliamentary debates (HANSARD) shows that netizens’ allegations are untrue, with the list of absentees of each parliamentary sitting only comprising of a few each time.

These records, along with the attendance list of each parliamentary sitting, are available to members of the public.