Netizens give thumbs down for police team that brought Jover Chew to justice

picture credit: The Straits Times

Police Commissioner Hoong Wee Teck yesterday (28 June) lauded Superintendent Aileen Yap, 38, and her team of 22 investigating officers from the Central Division for bringing Jover Chew to justice. Jover Chew is the notorious owner of the store Air Mobile in Sim Lim Square, who had cheated several of his customers.

A report in My Paper said: “Supt Yap said Chew had been under police investigation even before he became known for trying to give one customer more than $1,000 in coins as a refund, and later for making another customer beg for a refund on bended knee.

She had formed the team in September 2014, before Chew became a household name. After two months of gathering evidence, the team raided Air Mobile in November that year, at about the time he began to gain infamy online.”

Many Facebook users however expressed that the team does not deserve such commendations and said that the Singapore Police Force were just beating their own drums.

Facebook user Serene Lee commenting on Asiaone’s posting of the news in their Facebook said: “It took so long for the police officers to nail him? After 100 over police reports filed?? And thumbs up?? This is totally inefficient!”

Another user Jy Teo said: “The online vigilantes already found out everything about him before the police took actions.”

And Timothy Chua said sarcastically: “Takes 22 officers to nail him! Laughing joke of town! They already know his case before he become famous online. Tell me police lack of resource or unless it become a media star … things take to action. This case is easy sum game . Too many red tapes ….. Again well done … Police.”