Netizens fume over Shanmugam’s remarks that Khaw has improved public transport system


Law Minister K. Shanmugam’s statement on yesterday’s MRT collision has attracted widespread criticism from netizens online, who fumed over Shanmugam’s remarks that Khaw has improved public transport here.

Two MRT trains collided at Joo Koon station yesterday morning, causing at least 29 people to sustain injuries. At a joint conference called to explain preliminary findings on the collision contact between two trains, SMRT and LTA revealed that the “inadvertent” disabling of a software protection feature caused one train to hit another stalled train at Joo Koon station.

Acknowledging that the “recent MRT related issues have sorely tested the public mood,” the Law Minister said in a Facebook post late last night, “People naturally ask why these problems are recurring. They are fed up, despite the overall improvement in transport.”

He also lent his support to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan. Asserting that it “has been a tough 2 years for Boon Wan,” Shanmugam vouched that he has every confidence that Khaw will “sort things out” and “deal with the challenges.”

Netizens weren’t too pleased with the Law Minister’s support of Khaw and indicated that it is easy for him to vouch for Khaw when he doesn’t have to rely on the problematic MRT system to commute everyday:


  1. “As you are stuck in your overcrowded train or replacement bus, remember that the CEO and Transport Minister are collecting millions of dollars in annual wages while moving around in private cars.”

  2. He is living in an ivory tower and how can he knows the common people suffers under PAP and the mrt system
    Talk is cheap. But from this law minister , it shows What His brain is made of. ??

  3. They support each other and hope the 70% or their mindless core 35% accept it. It’s just like he’s improved the Law Ministry by appointing someone past retirement age and with no litigation experience or very little of it as AG. Joker!

  4. Not just him lah. The whole bunch of elites would not really be bothered about genuine care. It’s just a political job scope albeit an obscene paycheck. While u all rant.. They likely be like water off a duck’s back n look happily at their growing wealth. 鳥为食亡,人为財死!if really care for the country, just peg pay 20% higher than world top n take usual 13th bonus. Rest use for free education n healthcare. Greed rears its ugly head. Quote, ” thats life!” Ce’st la vie.

    • “Origin of this article not known , circulated in Whatsapp “ ; Wonder if the story be true???

      Well written but not many people know the issues plaguing SMRT.

      Before Mdm Saw became CEO, 2/3 of the SMRT workforce worked in the Permanent Wave; that’s night shift to people who don’t know.
      11pm to 7am; non-rotating shift.
      These were majority engineers, technicians.

      Most with Diplomas and a few with Bachelors.

      When Saw became CEO, on the recommendation of the Board of Directors, she fired 25% of the night staff. Not so bad, but what happened was the night shift guys had to prioritize workload.

      Still not so bad.

      Desmond stepped in and fired 50% of the Night Crew.
      So the original 100% is down to 35%
      Now they have severe issues.

      And those who were fired had been in SMRT from the beginning making a lot of money, and doing the same job as a brand new Poly Grad.

      Here lies the problem. Poly Grad = S$1600.
      SMRT entrenched with 10-15years S$5400.
      Yet Day in day out they’re doing the same thing⁉️

      Not so. That 10-15 year old man can hear the train and tell you what’s wrong. The Poly grad doesn’t know squeak from squawk.

      And when these oldies were chopped. They removed all the Cable Tabs which would tell a normal person, where the wire comes from and where it terminated.

      All the cables in SMRT are insulated and waterproof, but when Saw brought in retail, it caused a rodent problem in SMRT.

      Rats were eating into the water insulations and cable insulation.
      Worse, some of these cables are completely sealed off. Meaning they don’t require maintenance for 25-50 years.

      But the rat infestation caused leaks, and now water has seeped in and with it dirt and tiny creatures which have been causing all those Signaling issues.

      The SMRT brought in a consultant. He asked SMRT to shut down for a month so they could trace every single wire and cable; replace and retag all of them.

      SMRT has said NO.

      The following is just one of the responses of the SMRT debacle:

      “The image of a ponding MRT on its submerged track is iconic and deep with prophetic tell-tale signs of the state we are in as a Nation.

      The admission of a culture of complacency in SMRT by its very CEO has served to expose the parasitic cancer eroding all that we have build as a Nation, when we abandoned what we used to champion, i.e., meritocracy.

      Leaders are no longer chosen on the basis of merit, required expertise and capabilities for the core functions demanded. Political interests to maintain control and power dictates who gets any top jobs. The best gets sidelined for not being correctly aligned politically. The mantra of the best man for the job no longer applies.

      A pervasive culture of silence exist deterring anyone to speak up for the truth which in today’s high salaried pseudo corporate top jobs potentially means foregoing that politically laced iron rice bowl. We are doing everything that the best management gurus warned against. Never to compromise separation of powers to ensure adequate checks and balances as well as non tolerance to conflict of interest situations.

      Now instead, an elitist tight clique safeguards their own vested interest as they run the faltering Singapore Inc. The reminder and caution of pitfalls when government do business is simply ignored. Lessons strangely don’t apply of gross abuse that always happen when the sacred lines on separation of powers that must never be crossed disappears.

      Emblematic of this chronic malaise is the blurring between who is checking who. We are shockingly reminded again of this sickness with the reply Minister Khaw gave to Low’s question in parliament. The information of how checks and balances are ensured between Ministry, Stat boards and Operators are vital and valid and must be clearly answered. Simply brushing aside such queries in parliament with pathetic line of we know what we are doing and can be trusted will not do anymore.

      Singaporeans must remember all these moments and there are surely plenty now to list. Government must never be allowed to get away with excuses instead of explaining why things fail and must take responsibility for their failures which clearly is the case with poor judgement on top executive choices. Poor decisions and bad judgments must have consequences.

      Ultimately, the root of the problem begins in government. This government has abandoned all the lofty ideals of governance that our founding fathers stood for and defended. The government has no checks and in truth we the People made it so. With no real accountability by the government to the people, the inevitable will happen.

  5. The only solution is to close all MRT lines for a few months (3-4 or even 6 months) getting the actual root of all the problems.
    Secondly, the top management should be SACKED (not resign) immediately no more excuses, whether a chairman, minister or CEO and all management level.

  6. KBW…What happens to your kakis in the parliament….Don’t seems to
    help you out…kiasu leh….you finished already…your boss even don’t bother nit even ask about the commuters involved…alamak….

  7. Improvements? Can someone pinch me? For real? Why not just try for a week, on daily basis, take the MRT instead of being chauffeured around? Then tell us if there’s any semblance of improvement.

    • Please read carefully. There is a significant improvement in the numbers of injuries in public transport system. There was only 2 fatalities last year. This year it improved. No fatalities but 31 injuries. Vast improvement. Must learn to read between the lines

    • He takes a ride once in awhile just to show people he is in touch inspite of knowing every thing is staged for him and then he goes on to endorse it without feeling bad….

  8. Now Spore MP not much people willing to show respected to them. Because our citizens vote them. Our citizens facing problem seeking help from them. They help us to write a letter to the government sector. The government sector. Also did not show any respected to them. No help at all from our citizens.

  9. Be kind, be fair n be honest. This Job was handled by a few m they gave up. U see the number of your house hold light, heater, cooker etc failed suddenly too. Just because they earn Million don’t make KBW an Angel to solves every problems with a Magic Wand.

    • They also don’t enjoys this frequent breakdown. What can We Citizen offer to help ? 90% calling for KBW head to roll. It gonna take time. The Engineer CEO Singapore can pay to take over KBW. Will have to go thru the same pain. So b kind n b fair n b honest… This is a very tough job.

    • Their job are tough then we are suffering got fuck by our bosses for being late. They collect millions, we just trying to make end meet. Please tell this to our bosses. You think for them, who will think for us. You want is to suffer in silence?

    • No job is easy, you choose what you are capable at and received what you are worth when job accomplished. Every single job required skill, experience and passion. Right man for the job, If top leader felt stressed with no capable man under his leadership and he still trying to protect incapable leaders then he himself were no different from them. Monkey lead and money do.

    • Every job is a tough job. Because if the management is useless and unable to lead the organization, they need to go off. Top management including a transport minister may not know the hand-on knowledge, but their job is not to do hand on mechanical work. Their job is to rally technicians and engineers, identify the loopholes and come out with a solution to solve the problem. That’s why they are paid millions! Today khaw offer no solution But constant blaming! That is why his head need to roll !

    • Every Tom, Dick n Harry can be a Key Board Warrior. We have the Best Sea Port, Airport, Airline, Safe N Secured Home. Only few Country around the World can only Dream. This MRT problem n bugging us. The Govt with KBW is cracking their Head to solve n find solution. Hopefully another Shinkansen in a few years. Cheers

    • We can have the best sea port , airport and airline because right people is appointed. The current pap is useless because they keep on appointing useless people to important posts. Today mrt start to breakdown, a few years later our new t4 will crack. Then slowly spread to airline and sea port. And to add on, crime rate is on the rise. And some of you might have forgotten, our shipping line was the first casualty. It was sold out.

  10. This useless 殺母根 Own asshole also cannot take care and now still trying to clean his colleague’s assholes. He better find ways to solve the gangsters problem which are increasing everyday.

  11. I really like to know, as a Law minister, professionally trained in Law, on what evidence or factual information did he have to believe Khaw solve the problematic MRT system?

    Volunteer Desmond Kuek didn’t solve deep rooted culture in SMRT in 5 years, something KBW probably knew a few weeks ago. He didn’t know how to do a job the correct way, why is he still holding to the job. Let others do a better job, probably a lower cost.

  12. Improved from bad to worse. From worse to human injury. How those clown had in his brain, Rubbish? No wonder move backward with this clown in power and their nonsense decisions. And they feel proud

  13. Results convince and if you are good real praises are from the public commuters and from your own colleague who don’t take train to work. “own self praise own self ” is a disgrace to yourself

  14. The SMRT must be run by foreign talent, our leaders cannot even anticipate flooding in tunnels. As a technician on the ground storm water pumps can never fail, with standby and “BITE” for maintenance.
    I dare say there will be future cases of flooding with our leaders.

  15. on the other hand, Law Minister casual and supporting remarks showed that he does not understand the seriousness. By not detecting this loss of safety related signal is real serious.

  16. This is the time to separate the men fm the boys. Time to test their mettle. See which minister can come out, make a solid statement, defend it & soak in the pressure. Kee Chiu leh! Any takers?

  17. Maybe we get all the MP and Ministers to take the MRT with commoners. right? one for all all for one since they can say for you with you for singapore and do good do together. let all the MPs and Ministers have a feel how the MRT caused inconveniences to Singaporeans.

  18. The mamak’s heart is “in the right place” but his mouth is somewhere near Tekka Serangoon rd. there !..What utter rubbish is he mumbling about? Million dollars ministers…lying through their teeth time n time again in a stupendous state of complete denial.Most of us..have to live n deal with this MRT massive blunder simply because those 69.9% of majority clowns voted for this cow’s shit.

  19. What’s accountability? Did he resign? Did he sack his senior staff? Did he return his salary back? Sorry lah. All answers are zero. No accountability. Singaporeans remain suckers.

  20. talk is cheap. pls provide statistical data to support what u said. go to the ground and experience not talk cock at ivory tower and be pampered with million salary

  21. Mr Shamugam or rather call you Mr Shame? Please do not act smart & seal up your itchy mouth! If u think you are smart, please request to PM & transfer to take over the post of MOT! Action speaks louder than words. I challenge you!

  22. Very soon will have a new DAILY Singapore Pools MRT Breakdown Draw: Break down day of week, Which MRT Line , Fault Type. Winning Prize:
    1st Prize: Get To Slap KBW With Your filthy Shoe Sole.
    2nd Prize: Get To Slap Panther Face With Moldy Prata.
    3rd Prize: Get to slap Desmond K Face With his own underwear filled with Poo & Pee.

    Hurry Place Your Bets For The Above Opportunities…

  23. He should just stick to his profession. What does he know about transport system. We have a deep rooted cultural issue of people with all the wrong profession try doing all the wrong job.

  24. All these ppl are not the every day ppl… They don’t need to pay erp, no need to find parking space (their police escorts will park anywhere, dbl white line etc),.. So how will they ever understand how a average person feels..???? If I m a minister, I take bus every Monday, mrt on Tues, taxi on Wed, drive my own car on Thurs, ride bicycle on Fri.. Sat n Sun.. Off day.. same for eating out etc.. Maybe once in a mth.. 3 weeks I have escorts but once a week I go thru wat most sporean does… Isn’t that’s what I m supposed to be doing..?? Understand the ground issues n work to solve n make sporean life better.. That’s a real true leader..!!!

  25. This so called law minister like to kay poh all the times. He covered up for the PM during PE2017 debate in parliament. Right now he is telling the public and singing praises for his colleague Khaw that our transport system has improved. Let us ask him does he travel to work on MRT or buses. If not, then he should shut his big black mouth.

  26. This is oneself defends oneself rather than the oneself checks oneself that was promulgated by GCT. Where are GCT, President Yakult hiding now? What happened to all the promises made to the Singaporeans?

  27. KOHAMA (AFP) – The CEO of Japanese car giant Nissan said on Friday (Nov 17) he will return part of his pay until next March following a damaging inspection scandal.

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