Netizens flame Chinese girl online for racist Instagram post


Instagram user has attracted widespread criticism online after she posted the following message on her Instagram story recently: “@indians looking a me : I see you. My face is as black as your skin. Quit looking and fk off.”

A screenshot of the post, which includes a selfie of the girl, has been circulating online. Netizens have criticised the girl for her insensitive remark while other Chinese netizens have apologised on behalf of the girl.

Still others have taken their own potshots at the girl, poking fun at the mole on her face and commenting that it is a wonder she can see Indians looking at her since her eyes are small.

More level-headed netizens asserted that combating racist remarks with racist responses will only be more detrimental to society:



  1. Self confidence, generosity, tolerance and a sense of neighbourliness is what was instilled into us for peace and harmony at school.
    We started to lose this when the new set of foreigners were allowed in who had different cultural upbringing to what we had and all that hard work is diluted.
    We need to make sure citizenship is granted to people who pass the Singapore courtesy test.

  2. More importantly, she is typically one of those who do not rinse their vaginas after each pee or wash their arseholes after each poop so they stinks down there. Wiping alone is not clean enough. Only animals go around with unwashed private parts after doing their business.

  3. We have numerous ministers and president who are indians. even the present indian president who was recognized as malay.why those people who commented dare not comment on the race of our present malay ptesident?
    dear fellow Singaporean,we have better issue to tackle.Dont get carried away by all this.we need to be united.