Netizens criticise Singaporean traveller who threw a tantrum at Bangkok airport over meal voucher


Netizens have branded an exasperated Singaporean traveller who was stranded at a Bangkok airport for 24 hours as a disgrace to the country after he was caught on camera throwing a temper tantrum over a meal voucher.

The dispute erupted when the man who was one of several passengers stranded at Suvarnabhumi airport on 29 Nov after Jetstar flight 3K514 was delayed received overnight accommodation at an inn and a 250 baht meal voucher (about S$10) from the airport staff.

The traveller was incensed to receive the meal voucher which wouldn’t even cover a bowl of noodles which would cost 360 baht (about S$15).

In a video that has been circulating online, the man can be seen gesticulating wildly as he shouted at the airport staff who tried to keep him calm:






Netizens responding to the video expressed that the man should have managed his anger better.



  1. Mee too this guy horrible delay not air staff problem she not the one fly it , action ask him come back singapore air port do the same thing , if u no money to eat say so don’t action

  2. His anger is justified but he is throwing it at the wrong person. Rightly he should shout at the management who fixed the rate for the meal voucher. The counter staff are mere workers carrying out given duties!

  3. Look on the bright side, as a SGrean, I’m proud of the response to this SINGLE guy’s misplaced anger. Look @ PRCs; they made a big scene @ KLIA & (much earlier b4) even attacked airport staff & policemen in Hokkaido.
    Our country may be small & young, but collectively we r way more civilised.

  4. just no standard la used bugget airline but want 1 class airline services than pay more la. even don’t give it not wrong at all cause meal are not provided at all secondly did you buy any travel insurance I don’t think so .

  5. Ugly singaporean..lots of them these days…product of 50 yrs of mental conditioning where arrogance, self serving traits, kiasu mentality, money, greed is all par for the course! Disgusting!

  6. Seriously over $100 Baht? (Which is about SGD4.50?). Plane faulty and delayed is common if you fly very often and it’s also for your safety. Get a life and stop embarrassing us Singaporean.

  7. Got monies to travel
    Got no money to spend
    Why must used their vouchers
    Just pay our the difference
    No need to shout
    Make Singaporean very shamefull
    Better stay at home eat Maggie mee

  8. Farking disgrace. U want to fark, fark the JetStar CEO, not the ground staff. Must be one of the 69.9% Sinkees, just like the Gahmen, blamed the lower SMRT staf when got troubles

  9. The whole Milky Way is always owing them Sinkies a life, an arm & a leg…komprain komprain at every single litt’ detail that riles them so easily….flight delays like that can & do happen…their sense of self-entitlement is remarkable indeed…our reputation overseas is clearly headed downhill

  10. No need to shout and scream over a voucher. Want to eat, top up the amount or else leave it lah. Now those of us who are heading to Bkk will be likely to be seen as “tourists from a foul temper country”. Thank U for shouting like a mad dog over a trivial matter. Grounded for technical fault is for safety reasons, do U think they purposely ground U to make U spend more $ at their airport???

  11. Angry at service staff? What? This Singapore clown think everyone his servant? Only one advice for such Singaporean man and the many more i know in Singapore:-
    Go a Spider!

  12. Of course I think this guy should maintain his cool(although I dunno if I could). Quite embarrassing.

    But I just came back from Bangkok two days ago and I tell u… the airport staff in Bangkok really really suck big time. The ‘land of smiles’ my foot. Information counter, the immigration officers, those in retail… mostly suck. I thought Singapore airport staff were bad but after Bangkok, I think Changi Airport staff are angels compared to the bkk airport staff. Even KL airport staff are nicer compared to bkk.

    Actually generally, the people in tourist industry in bkk are no longer what they used to be. In 2008 I was there too and it was slightly different. Their hospitality standard has dropped similar to Bali’s level. The nice people I met in Bangkok recently were the staff in my hotel. And they were all Filipinos.

  13. Omg! What a disgrace to all Singaporean. He needed anger management & learned to manage expectations. You want more compensations, claimed from your travel insurance!

  14. He bought budget air ticket expect first class compensation when flight delayed. I just don’t understand why go fark the ground crews when this is not their problem that caused the delay. Really bring shame to Singaporean.

  15. Self entitled Singaporean prick common these days! They think they can scream and shout like they are in Singapore! It’s retribution for being an asshole! Karma’s a bitch!

  16. Can I encourage budget airlines to put such passengers on the faulty planes and lock them up inside while repairs are underway.

    They’ll be too kiasi to vandalize the plane interior anyway. Especially if they are informed of the consequences.

  17. Idiot dragged the names of 2 airlines and a ground handler through the mud with him. Disgraceful to have someone like this working in the same environment as myself. If he really is an airport staff, he’d empathize with the person he’s shouting at and not do it.

    It’s a budget carrier. They take you from point A to point B. Like a bus from Singapore to KL. You miss it, that’s your problem. If there’s a delay, you just wait. He’s lucky there was even a meal voucher in the first place. You pay peanuts, expect peanuts.

  18. Yes it is agreeable that anyone at that breaking point of depression would have flew into rage however that doesn’t constitute to his actions ?Even if you have scream until you gotten lung cancer , it still doesn’t solve anything ?It may be easier for us to comment being the one not involve in the ordeal directly …

  19. Dont just pecause of 1 idiot on the boat then you flip the whole boat. Is unfair to the rest on board. There are good and bad in every country. If you think Singaporean are so bad. Then why you stay in SG? F…O.. to where you come from.

  20. What a shame! Just chill and enjoy the holiday! Certainly wasted the days of relaxation planned and saved over a year with uncontrollable temper! Hope the dude learn from this!

  21. What a damn disgrace to Singapore!!!! He doesn’t have to shout like that to the staff and make a big fuss out of it over a 250 baht voucher. It’s really embarrassing for our people to behave such a manner. Honestly, I wouldn’t say I’m from S’pore whenever I go overseas.

  22. AFter 52yeasrs, we are breeding a society of Me, Myself and I..dont believe go look at our libraries, all the NIMBIES, and the latest is the way pmd users, e-bikers and share bikers ride and dump their bikes respectively…and littering is getting worse, without cleaners SPore will be a CITY in a DUMP.

  23. I believe he was actually angry with the flight delay more than the meal voucher. The meal voucher was merely just a trigger of his anger for the whole episode.

  24. In Thailand, the locals lose their respect for people who show anger or lose their temper. That Singaporean is making an ass of himself! Totally unacceptable conduct! Very unbecoming. Hate to know that he is from Singapore. But not a surprise as there are many like him here!

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