Netizen who criticised dead Traffic Policeman shuts Facebook down after drawing strong criticism


Thomas Poh Heng Chua who criticised dead Traffic Police Officer Nadzrie Matin in social media, has closed his Facebook account after coming under intense attack from netizens for his unkind remarks.

Staff Sergeant Nadzrie was fatally injured in an accident along 260 Serangoon Road on 1 June. Commissioner of Police Hoong Wee Teck described Staff Sergeant Nadzrie as a “dedicated and well-liked officer”, in extending his condolences to his family.

Thomas was livid because the officer had once issued him a ticket for bad driving.

Netizens who responded to him chided him for his unkind remarks and said that he must have been driving badly to get the ticket in the first place.

Minister of Home Affairs, Mr K Shanmugam, in describing the Officer as a true son of Singapore said: “he was such a good officer and also a role model for his teammates. Courageous, and charged with a strong sense of justice. He saw it as his duty to serve a bigger purpose than just himself.”


  1. Read that this joker is residing in Perth? Thomas, if you are seeing this, pls do not return to Singapore. I guarantee you will get more than just summons this time round.

  2. Wow …. got such thing?

    Dun be so superstitious?

    When ppl got bad mouth does it mean every word open for good Luck also count?

    This is funny. .. system that nv see in developed country. When scientist already reached the Moon and touch down Mars.

    Face the fact in life don’t blame others. When the Farari clashed at Victoria St. The victims also go find out who had cursed him from his villagers or in his FB?

    Let’s not mix Religion with believe to ran our Traffic system. RIP.

    Just my opinion

  3. This bum should be grateful that the late officer saved his life by issuing a summon for his lousy driving skills. Had he not booked him he may be still driving in his old ways and might not be able to post all his rubbish on FB now.

  4. I despise the work they do. But it has been a Tom and Jerry affair with them. It’s just business and they are employees. It’s sad to know a man has to die on the job. The country has been very cold to the people, I am not surprised to cold reactions.

    • No in fact its getting more lenient and people are commiting more and more traffic offences. just look at the news. people get into accidents that are sometimes ridiculous, killing uneccesary. If regulations are tighter and less bobo drivers on the road, we dont see those ridiculous mistakes. gov emphatise people and more are getting driving licences be it making a living or not, but they end up using the same licence to take out people with their splendid skills. Dont blame this on Heavens will, Because the numbers of fatality or injury will definately crunch if they are taken out from the road. This shit has been left for TP, LTA to do it. If you are working on their side what would you think… dealing with countless of accidents and traffic offences for years… you get sick. you will be thinking why people dont listen… it just sickens your mind. people are getting lazy, to the point where it can cause serious accidents but they dont believe.

    • It is tragic that Nadzrie died on shift. However, it pales in comparison to what happened in 1987. Many people who lived through the turbulent events of that year are still traumatised.

  5. Bad karma is waiting for you around the corner. So stand straight, chin up and let karma smack you right in the face,before giving you a summon for being a nasty fellow.

  6. All officers are doing their job. His death has nothing to do with anyone’s curse, it’s his time to return to God. Most of the officers in are dedicated, loyal to this country. Unlike others

  7. To Thomas – you’re a bloody bastard and asshole. Your driving is fuck type that’s why TP summon you. Why TP don’t summon me ? A brave young man die to protect other road user from you, a fuck type driver. Beware retribution will befall on you for cursing a dead man. Hope the next time is you lying on the road.

  8. Thomas has a warped mind. If he feels he had been wrongly summoned he could have gone to the courts. Why he did not? That proves he was guilty of bad driving and deserved to be booked. So why is he bad mouthing now. Moron.

  9. Thomas Poh. Have respect for the family of Officer Nadzrie Matin. The sumon Officer Nadzrie gave you is for your own good…have some decency and apologise to the family….

  10. I just wanna know is SIA gonna fire this pompous Air Steward ‍✈️ for his pompous remarks. This just goes to show the mentality of most flight crews.

  11. Another Australian the same kind as the one at Changi Terminal resist arrest. Australian are the worst kind of foreigner and you are not welcome to Singapore. Government should have more control of such foreign people particularly from Australia coming her to take over our jobs.

  12. LOL anywhere, in most part of the world, when an officer of the law stops you in traffic,
    a) you were driving like an asshole.
    b) the officer knows you as an asshole.
    c) you are an asshole

    None of the above makes the officer an asshole.

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