Netizen who caught policecar beating red light is flamed online for “next level fault finding”


Netizen Minghui Ming caught an officer who turned on his police vehicle’s siren and beat a red light, on camera. Posting the footage on Facebook, he commented that this is “sg, not philippines” and sarcastically asked: “Mr officer, rushing to somewhere?”

Ming insisted that the police officer should not have beat the red light but netizens responding to his post predominantly disagreed with his views, calling it “fault finding, next level.”

Alvis Chung: “Being a Police in Singapore also difficult. This kind also ppl want to post. u could cost them their jobs. Hopefully next time they are not attending to your family emergency.”

Simon Loo: “I think they have right to do so.”

Clarence Tay: “Police vehicle can beat red light legally. What is wrong? But he supposed to on the blinker to warn other road users.”

Ming has since either deleted his post or made it private.


  1. Netizen Ming must have an axe to grind to post this shit. Does he know that in London, police and emergency vehicles drive against traffic flow in lane 1. Drivers keep to lane 2 when seeing such vehicles coming towards them. These officers know what they are doing as they stand answerable should anything untowards happen.

  2. I think Singaporeans need to understand social media requires SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.
    What goes out maybe too late to be retrieved or even apologised for.

    I see there are a lot of social ill amongst us. Look at stomp,, Facebook, Twitter and other sort of social media. You can tell some of local posting just have too much of hateriat amongst each other.

  3. The police keep our country safer. He must be attending to call. Why would he risk his job if its not somethin urgent.
    Than few secs could save life. I see him drive with cautious.
    Get a life bro

  4. It is not being police also difficult. If the police himself do not set the example by following laws and order. Then how do you expect community to follow laws and orders. If the police officers are attending to emergency matters then please turn on your sirens and lights. You may rush to the scene. However no lights no sirens. You dash through the red lights. People also can judge you by saying police also doing the same by beating red lights.

  5. The reason why commuters who tend to make it such a big whoo haas when it comes to issues pertaining to law enforcers breaking the law with the same pair of hands that enforce it ….. ask yourself this , will Drivers be pardoned in events when we are the ones that broken the red light under unforeseen circumstances ?…..
    12 points and money loss is no laughing matter esp for those who needed their license to survive .
    I’m very sure the local law enforcers has a good reason for running against the red light , just be sure to cover yourself with an official reasons and all else will be fine , Drivers on the other hand ain’t that lucky …
    Just bear in mind that as much as we have to admit that police ain’t saints , so are Drivers too .
    What comes around , goes around

  6. Can’t rule out the possibility that whoever was driving the police car was abusing his privilege and wasn’t in fact attending to official business. Far too often I see ambulances blaring their sirens on the expressway only to see them slow down after other motorists have given way. This should be properly investigated to determine whether there was a legitimate purpose to override normal and sensible traffic rules.

  7. Agree. I take it that our government is at fault for this. More competition, More buddings, higher price, higher cost of property. Who benefits? The developer and the government. To the developer us one time profit. To the government ya cash cow for many many years – taxes from property, utility, leading, stamp duties on resale, etc…,

  8. To me is a simple thing if there a law to follow mean all must follow the law like this case unless the police is catching or chasing someone if not he must follow the law . If it a mistake than also must be punish by the law cause they are to uphold the law not break it themselves. If not what for having the law if law enforcement officer can break the law mean others can also do the same thing.

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