Netizen flamed for suggesting non-Muslims should not buy meat from the Halal section at supermarkets


Singaporeans have flamed a netizen after they suggested that non-Muslims should not buy meat from the Halal section at supermarkets.

The netizen had shared online about how they encountered a Chinese woman shopping for meat at the Halal section of a supermarket. Peeved, the netizen informed the Chinese woman that there is a non-Halal section in the same supermarket only for the smiling woman to still take the meat from the Halal rack.

The netizen wrote: “I cannot emphasise the number of times I was greeted by empty shelves of Halal meat when grocery shopping. Just because you see that aisle first, doesn’t mean you can just take them. The issue isn’t with ignorance as the signs cannot be anymore bolder, brighter or bigger. Let’s all work to be more gracious to one another.”

Exclusivity and self-entitlement. Rubbish.

Posted by Audi Khalid on Monday, 12 March 2018

A screenshot of the netizen’s original post was shared online by Facebook user Audi Khalid who thought the suggestion was rubbish and that the original poster was self-entitled. Several Singaporeans – Muslims and non-Muslims alike – agreed with Khalid’s assessment and blasted the netizen for their comments.

Muslims, especially, urged non-Muslims in Singapore to buy all the Halal meat they want and asserted that the netizen who posted the suggestion is a “fool” who does not represent all Muslims:


  1. What narrow-minded rubbish. Are you saying non-muslims cannot or should not patronise Malay stalls at hawker centres or restaurants? We must not divide ourselves into Chinese, Malay, Indian or other races. We are all brothers and sisters!

  2. Who had passed the Law now that the Chinese cannot buy halal meat from any supermarket. It’s our choice whether we want to eat halal or non halal meat. It is also your choice. .those Muslim..who want to eat halal meat only.You have no right to say the Chinese cannot buy halal meat from any supermarket. Don’t try to create racial and religious tension in the peaceful..multi religious country. If you want to enforce this kind of religious mentality, culture or attitude. ..there is somewhere in this world where you can go to. You will all be the same religion. .they a only have halal meat…there you can shop until your heart content. But as long as you are here…just keep your F***king halal mouth shut. Then we will have peace. Don’t bring religion into our supermarket. Insha’allah.

    • Let’s not get heated up as this person who suggested we don’t buy halal food is narrow minded…

      we buy what we want and what we can afford.

      In Singapore we patronise all stalls from mee soto, mee rebus, Ayam pendet to roti prata and dosai and Bak Kut teh, etc ..

      Enjoy and let’s live, man !!

  3. the person who ask the chinese lady to go buy non halal meat is damn fucking idiot..bcuz of you this can spark racism..wish can see this fucker face so that we know he or she is fuckin racist..hope karma will be on he or side soon ..than later dont kaupeh!!

  4. Wah liao….that guy ate too much things is it or not enough for him to eat!! Like this one also make noise??

    So long non-halal customers want eat what buy what no problem mah. Why bother so much?faintz….

    Remember when there is no food regardless you still have to eat! Dont fight so much, just eat!

  5. Oi how do you go from singular to plural in a single sentence?

    I quote “ Singaporeans have flamed a netizen after they suggested….”

    You did it again in the following paragraph where singular ‘netizen’ suddenly becomes plural ‘they’. Are you attempting to mislead and exacerbate or is it an “honest” grammatical error?

  6. Think: all these years we don’t have such issues. But why now? My 6th sense tell me that since NK n SK are going to be united, the warmongers are looking at other countries as targets (after Arab nations have fallen). Spore n Msia maybe their targets so that the weapons industry remain relevant as long as there are wars in this world

  7. Don’t be so uptight, for all you know this is a “fake news” in the making, those IB’s are at work. Stiring shit for a purpose, at the end of the day, if more people responded, the MIW will come out with some screw up logic & excuses to warn us don’t play with races, our society still not mature enough to handle such issues. So, stay cool guys..stay cool, don’t fall for it. I smell a rat, “Divide and Conquer” sounds familiar