Netizen claims McMuffin he bought had been bitten into; gets flamed online instead


A netizen received a McMuffin as part of a breakfast set he had purchased at the McDonald’s outlet at Riverdale Mall yesterday and opened the meal cover, only to discover that the muffin supposedly had a bite taken out of it.

The customer shared photos of the muffin and his receipt online, adding that he was shocked that the muffin had been bit into.

Instead of garnering support, the netizen was largely met with derision by fellow Facebook users who claimed that the chunk that had been supposedly bitten off was just a chunk that fell off from the toasting process:

This is the second McDonald’s-related story floating on social media over the weekend. Another customer reported online that the staff who served her were “day-dreaming” and forgot to give her two beverages she had ordered and paid for.

The netizen, Abby Hew, only found the error when she reached her home:

Yesterday (16.12.17) evening at 20:08 i decided to buy food for my brother at McDonald at Harbourfront Centre, a…

Posted by Abby Hew on Saturday, 16 December 2017


  1. Service standards is indeed dropping especially at fast food restaurants, ever bought a burger with no patty home, ordered delivery and order comes incomplete countless time, which is why i quit ordering and having fast food.

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