Netizen calls for local bees to be conserved in Singapore


Facebook post by Xavier Tan

Two days ago, someone enquired about removing a beehive at her house. After giving her a quote for relocating the beehive, she found someone else to removed the beehive and send me a message to let me know her problem was solved.

When I ask her if the person help to conserve the bees and found the bees a new place to live on, she was surprised. Later she messaged me and said she just realised what I am doing is different from other pest control after visited by website at

That is I provide complete solution for the owner, the bees and the environment. No chemical will be used to kill the bees, contaminating the environment and intoxicating people living in the house. Not using smoke to chase the bees away and force them to build a new hive in the neighbourhood and also leaving all the bee larvae and pupae to die.

We relocate the bees and their hive into box, find them a garden and setup the beehives in the garden. The owner solve their bee problem, bees are safe and given a new home with lot of nectar and pollen, and the bees help to continue to balance our eco environment and supporting all living things direct and indirectly.

Hope more and more people will join me to conserve our local bees in Singapore.