Featured News Netizen asks PM Lee to apologise to all Singaporeans and to “resign...

Netizen asks PM Lee to apologise to all Singaporeans and to “resign immediately”, in open letter




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In open letter to the Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee Hsien Loong, one netizen asked him to “quit while it is still honorable [and] to apologize to Singaporeans”, citing reasons of his family squabbles that were brought into the spotlight as his reasons for wanting PM Lee to step down.

In an open letter that he asked others to circulate, Hj Saharudin wrote about Prime Minister Lee’s personal affairs that were conducted in the public arena.


In his Facebook post published yesterday, he wrote, “Lee Hsien Yang is your brother and Lim Suet Fen is your sister-in-law. You have differences with them. You needed to sort out your issues. And the issues are basically over your father’s house. They are private and personal problems but you dragged it into Parliament. That was both unnecessary and dishonorable”.

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“Lee Sheng Wu is your nephew. In your Eureka moment you allowed the Attorney General to charge him on a frivolous comment in his personal Facebook page. The whistleblower is reprehensible and the Attorney General diabolical. Your family is now cast asunder and may not mend”, he added.

The man also questioned that since Prime Minister Lee was unable to look after his own family, how could he be expected to look after Singaporeans.

He said, “Looking at the situation, can Singaporeans expect you to have a happy family? Can we expect you be happy in your office and administer the country well? Can Singaporeans look to you to address their problems when you have so much problems at home and also with your health? Can this be the reason for Singapore’s recent decline?”

In a rather bold move Hj Saharudin ended his post as such: Sir, please quit while it is still honorable for you to do so. If you wait, the end it may not be so fortuitous. I urge you to make peace with your family members as soon as possible. I urge you to apologize Singaporeans for the wrongs you have committed in the past.

Netizens who commented on the post largely echoed similar sentiments, agreeing with Saharudin.



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