Nestle brings its Halal chief forward to quash ‘milo sugar’ claims


Swiss food giant Nestlé has refuted claims that its famous chocolate malt drink Milo contained excessive amounts of sugar.

The claims made on Facebook in a video that went viral said Nestle Malaysia was using too much sugar in the content of the product in the majority Muslim country.

At a press conference today, Nestlé Malaysia’s head of halal affairs department Othman Mohd Yusof said the claim was erroneous.

“Twenty percent is from milk lactose and another 20 percent is from the malt,” he said during a press conference organised by the Muslim Consumers Association in Kuala Lumpur.

He said the recommended serving of a Milo drink was mixing five teaspoons of Milo powder to 200ml of water.

Source: KiniTv


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